War of words continues in Russian figure skating

Opposing coaches Eteri Tutberidze and Evgeny Plushenko at the Russian test skates

Overnight the tensions between Eteri Tutberidze’s and Evgeny Plushenko’s camps spilt over again. First a post from Tutberidze of a screenshot that shows Plushenko offering Olympic gold medalist Alina Zagitova an opportunity to train with him, and later a response from Plushenko’s wife Yana Rudkovskaya in the Russian media about it.

The official Team Tutberidze page on Instagram – @teamtutberidze_ – posted a screenshot of a conversation between Zagitova and Rudkovskaya in their stories section. In the conversation, which seems to have happened last year, Rudkovskaya is letting Zagitova know about Plushenko’s ability to provide ice time and coaches.

The post and the translation to English:

Nobody is luring anyone?

Yana Rudkovskaya: Hi, Alinochka, Evgeny Viktorovich asked me to let you know that he is waiting for you, and so am I. In November we are opening our ice rink in the Moscow region, and in March in Moscow. There will be a lot of ice and specialists too. There are many foreigners. We are open and in touch.

Alina Zagitova: Hello. Thank you for the offer but I am staying with Eteri Georgievna.

Soon after, Rudkovskaya responded on the sports news site Sport Express, saying that it seems like the conversation between herself and the athlete got in the wrong hands and was taken out of context.

Plushenko himself went to Instagram – @plushenkoofficial – and posted an extract from the article in his stories section and added some harsh words.

The post and translation to English:

Famous producer Yana Rudkovskaya, in a conversation with a Sport Express reporter, commented on the post of Eteri Tutberidze’s team on Instagram, which refers to the “luring” of figure skater Alina Zagitova to Plushenko’s academy. Attached to the post in the “story” is a screen with the conversation between Rudkovskaya and Zagitova, which says about the opening of the academy’s skating rink in November and that Alina is “expected”. The photo is signed with the phrase “nobody is luring anyone?”

Evgeny Plushenko: We are working again and not bothering anyone! Staff, staff, are you completely crazy there? It is storming over at yours! Should I take a step back, so that you finally feel ashamed for all of your actions?!

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