Update of Alena Kostornaia’s coaching transfer

2020 European Champion Aliona Kostornaia

According to the news agency TASS, in a conversation with the president of the Russian Figure Skating Federation, Aleksandr Gorshkov – he revealed that the 2020 European Champion’s Aliona Kostornaia’s transition to Evgeny Plushenko’s academy was not discussed in the Federation’s report meeting.

Gorshkov, who has been president of the Federation since June 2010, says that the issues lie in legality. Having made the coaching change after the transfer window in the end of July, it is extremely difficult to formally change anything. He informed journalists that the request to transition was not submitted by the athlete, as it was already known that the updates will only be completed next season. Therefore, in the ISU’s updated profile page for the 17-year-old figure skater – the listed club is still “Sambo-70”.

Kostornaia’s newly updated ISU profile:

Kostornaia made her senior debut last season with Eteri Tutberidze’s team and won all five international competitions – including the 2019-2020 ISU Grand Prix Final and the 2020 European Figure Skating Championship. Her only silver medal came at the 2020 Russian National Championship, where she finished just two points behind Anna Shcherbakova. Kostornaia still holds the World Record for the short program score (85.45) and also for the overall point total (247.59).

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