Konstantinova shines in St. Petersburg’s closed test skate

Photo by Natasha Ponarina (@ponarushka on Instagram)

The Instagram page for the St. Petersburg’s Figure Skating Federation posted about the city’s closed test skates on Saturday, and Stanislava Konstantinova was back to winning form.

According to the results, Konstantinova received 193.78 points to be at the top of the ladies’ standings. 2019 European Champion Sofia Samodurova was second with 188.56 points, and 18-year-old Elizaveta Nugumanova was third with a total score of 158.97 points.

Photo by Natasha Ponarina (@ponarushka on Instagram)

Konstantinova was fourth at the Russian Nationals for two years in a row and medaled at the ISU Grand Prix event in Finland during the 2018-2019 season; however, since then her performances haven’t been as consistent and she failed to make the top ten at both Grand Prix assignments last season, as well as at last year’s National Championship.

Before the start of the new season, the 20-year-old college student decided to change coaches and moved to train with Evgeny Plushenko and his team. The skater made a post on Instagram following the test skate today.

Konstantinova’s post and translation to English:

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Step by step – мой девиз с начала лета. Восстановиться после травмы, карантина, возвращать старые кондиции, постепенно улучшать то, что умела. Прошел первый мой старт сезона, в закрытом режиме, без трансляций и огласки,с награждением в масках. Очень важный для меня step. Я была без выступлений с декабря прошлого года, завершив самый тяжелый сезон в своей карьере. Очень важно было на этой неделе откататься без ошибок, почувствовать соревновательный дух, собрать воедино на соревнованиях техническую и эмоциональную часть меня. Я успешно справилась с этой задачей. Проведен анализ мелких технических недочетов, работаем дальше. Работы очень много, но я рада, что смогла успешно «стартануть» в этот непростой сезон. Для меня это очень важно, я хочу этим поделиться. Спасибо за отличную, интересную работу тренерам @volkov_iceteam @angelsofplushenko ,Александру Сергеевичу, @martinedagenais8 , @svetlanabiyan ❤️и болельщикам за поддержку.Также благодарю за мотивацию и помощь в обеспечении комфортных тренировочных условий, президента нашей Санкт-Петербургской федерации @sergeichopozov . Photos by @ponarushka

A post shared by Stanislava Konstantinova (@stasya_konstantinovaa) on

Step by step has been my motto since the beginning of summer. Recover from injuries, quarantine, return to old form, gradually improve what I can.
I passed my first start of the season, behind closed doors, without broadcasts or publicity, with the award ceremony in masks. A very important step for me. I haven’t performed in a show since December of last year, ending the toughest season of my career. It was very important to skate without mistakes this week, to feel the competitive spirit, to bring together the technical and emotional part of me at the competition.
I have successfully completed this task. The analysis of minor technical flaws has been carried out, we continue to work. There is a lot of work but I am glad that I was able to successfully “start” this difficult season. This is very important for me, I want to share it.
Thank you for the excellent, interesting work to the coaches @volkov_iceteam, @angelsofplushenko, Alexander Sergeevich, @martinedagenais8, @svetlanabiyan ❤️ and the fans for their support. I also thank the President of our St. Petersburg Federation @sergeichopozov for the motivation and help in providing comfortable training conditions.

First among the men was Andrei Mozalev, with 279.85 points. Evgeny Semenenko was second with 273.15 point, and Mikhail Kolyada was third with 257.45 points.

There was one pair listed, as well as one ice dance couple: in the pairs’ event – Alina Soboleva and Elisey Ivanov received 187.15 points; in ice dance – Ekaterina Mironova and Evgeniy Ustenko received 145.15 points.

Full provided results for senior level:

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