Anna Shcherbakova on Nike Live – preview

Two-time Russian National figure skating champion Anna Shcherbakova will be on an episode of Nike Live today, which streams on Nike’s VKontakte page. The live stream will be at 20:00 Moscow time.

The topic for today’s episode is about the power and inspiration that helps girls achieve their goals in professional sports and in life. Along with Shcherbakova, Marie Novosad and Olga Marques will share their experiences and knowledge.

Shcherbakova shared an Instagram story reminding her fans about today’s episode and about the chance to win a gift from her.

The social media post from Anna Shcherbakova and translation to English:

From @anna_shcherbakova_ on Instagram

“Hi! Tonight I will be taking part in the Nike Live episode, which will be all dedicated to girls. We’ll talk about the strength and inspiration that help us achieve our goals. And also, you can win a gift from me. To do this, you need to ask me a question in the comments. I will choose the most interesting one on air, and after you will receive a memorable gift from me. The meeting is today at 8 (note – 20:00 Moscow time), on the Nike VK group.”

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