Figure skating schools in Moscow – closed

Members of Khrustalny at the 2018 Winter Olympics (Photo by

Last week, the Mayor of Moscow Sergei Sobyanin announced an extension of the weeklong holiday break for the city’s schools this month. In order to slow down the spread of COVID-19, now schools in one of the world’s largest cities will be closed for two weeks – from October 5 to 18.

The enforced closures also affect the figure skating training sites that are under the jurisdiction of the Moscow State Sports Department (Moscomsport).

According to a report by Russian sports news website Sport Express, the Figure Skating Federation of Moscow states that the work by all sports schools in the city is being stopped to fight the spread of the coronavirus disease. However, athletes who are members of the country’s national team are allowed to continue training for upcoming competitions.

The second stage of the Cup of Russia series is scheduled to take place this upcoming weekend at the Megasport Arena in Moscow. At this time it is still expected to continue as planned; the adult events are scheduled to have a limited number of fans in attendance.

Schools are expected to resume on October 19.

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