Alina Zagitova on the show Good Morning

Alina Zagitova

Olympic, World, European, and National champion Alina Zagitova appeared on the Russian morning television show Good Morning (translation from Russian – Доброе Утро) to discuss her role as a host of Channel One’s ice skating show Ice Age.

Translation to English of what Alina Zagitova said on the television show:

Question: Tell us about your work on the project, are you worried?

Zagitova: It is very interesting and exciting. Yes, I’m worried, but we’ve already filmed a lot of episodes, and now it’s calmer.

Question: How is working with Alexei Yagudin?

Zagitova: Nobody offends me on the project. We are all very friendly, many help me.

Question: Who supports you?

Zagitova: Ilya Averbukh, Yagudin, the jury support me. And my sister, Sabina. She moved with me to Moscow and helps everywhere. It’s calmer with her – warm atmosphere and I immediately relax.

Question: What is the difference between being a host and a spectator?

Zagitova: As a spectator, you watch the show and admire the beautiful picture. And inside, you need to be a journalist – say something, ask questions. The problem is that you need to say something sharply, quickly, and clearly at the right time, to conduct a dialogue directly with the participants.

Question: Do you favor any of the participants of the show?

Zagitova: I have a very warm attitude towards all of the participants, they are all certainly brave people because they stepped onto the ice and started skating. This is very difficult, but a great experience for them.

Whom I sympathize with, I will not tell, because I treat everyone warmly.

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