Carolina Kostner told Italian media not to count out a return

Carolina Kostner at the 2014 Winter Olympics (Photo by Robert Deutsch/USA TODAY Sports)

Italian sports publication La Gazzetta dello Sport published a short article about a conversation with 2012 World and five-time European champion Carolina Kostner. The figure skater shared her manta, spoke about her most memorable career experience, and cautiously mentioned future plans.

Kostner described ice skating as a form of art. She called it a representation of herself – the good and the bad. Remembering her early days, Kostner said, “Tall and slender, I often heard that I didn’t have the right physique. But it never mattered to me. I have always accepted my natural predispositions to try to reach the impossible. And it is a mantra that should apply above all in today’s society.”

Looking at the highlights of her career, the four-time Olympian unsurprisingly thought of the Games in Russia as one of her greatest moments. “The highest moment is perhaps linked to the 2014 Olympic bronze medal in Sochi. The Russian audience was a little biased, but I made a connection with them. I remember the roar during the short and free: I felt like Alessandra Ferri on the Scala stage.” Kostner added, “A sport like ours cannot be completely objective. We perform not only for the judges, but also for the public. For those who saved money to buy a ticket, and who came only to see you. If after the performance at least one person will return home happy, my task is completed.”

33-year-old Kostner last competed in 2018, finishing fifth at the Winter Olympics in February and fourth at the World Championship in March. Since then she has been dealing injuries – pain in her left hip and inflammation of a muscle in her leg – but has not announced her retirement. Kostner said of the future, “I have many projects that I would like to implement, but they are all related to returning to the ice. I do not exclude the possibility that it could be a competition. But I just recovered from hip surgery and a number of other injuries, so first I want to recover 100%. Then it will be clear what decision I will take.”

Kostner has won six medals over the years at the World Championships, won a record eleven medals at the European Championships, and is a nine-time Italian National champion.

Carolina Kostner at the 2014 Winter Olympics:

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