Matvei Vetlugin wins junior event at Cup of Russia

Matvei Vetlugin

Leader after the short program, Matvei Vetlugin skated to music by Queen. Holding a comfortable lead, the athlete just needed a clean performance to win gold. He opened his free skate with an impressive triple axel but fell on the next triple axel, which should have been in a combination. He also lost his footing on a quad toe loop attempt in the middle of the routine; however, his total score of 228.78 points was enough to hold first position.

Sixth at the first stage of the Cup of Russia series, Eteri Tutberidze’s student Vsevolod Knyazev improved this time. He entered the free skate in fourth place and performed a clean and strong routine. He received a bonus for the last three jumping sequences – two triple-triple combinations and a final triple flip. The young skater earned a total score of 216.34 points and won a silver medal.

Fifth after the short program, Fedor Zonov did not attempt a quad or a triple axel but showcased great musicality. He began his free skate with a triple Lutz-triple toe loop combination, and then another triple-triple – triple loop-Euler-triple Salchow. He stumbled on a triple flip-double toe loop late in the program, but the total program component score helped earn him a total amount of 215.14 points. He improved to third overall.

Third in the short program, Kirill Sarnovsky started his free skate with a successful triple loop. A skater from Evgeny Plushenko’s academy, Sarnovsky, unfortunately, popped his first axel attempt and then fell on a triple axel. He finished the second half of the program without more errors and earned a total score of 208.59 points, dropping to fourth place.

Mark Lukin from Khrustalny was seventh after the short program. In the free skate, he landed his opening combination – a quad toe loop-double toe loop – and then a double axel, but only managed a double toe loop in the next attempt. In the second half of the performance, he held on to a triple Lutz but added another double toe loop in the combination – costing him points as it was already his third double toe loop attempt in the program. Lukin received a total score of 208.21 points, enough to move him up to fifth place overall.

Second after the short program, Andrei Anisimov held on to his opening quad Salchow but popped the next axel attempt and later a Lutz – costing major points. A fall on his final triple Lutz dropped him to seventh place with a total score of 198.18 points.

Top 5 results:

  1. Matvei Vetlugin – 228.78
  2. Vsevolod Knyazev – 216.34
  3. Fedor Zonov – 215.14
  4. Kirill Sarnovsky – 208.59
  5. Mark Lukin – 208.21

Full results:

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