Alexei Yagudin and Evgeny Plushenko on Instagram

Evgeny Plushenko and Alexei Yagudin at the 2002 Winter Olympics (Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images)

Two Russian Olympic gold medalists – who were once opponents on the ice – got involved in an entertaining Instagram comment battle. Alexei Yagudin reacted to another round of the conflict between Evgeny Plushenko and Sambo-70 director Renat Laishev by posting a funny video on Instagram.

It began after a comment by Laishev about the results at the second stage of the Cup of Russia series – Laishev told media that Alexandra Trusova has not changed under Plushenko and skates the way Eteri Tutberidze taught her. This led to Plushenko posting an Instagram story, “We work and do not bother anyone.” He added, “They say that soon the director will be sent to a well-deserved retirement… It’s a shame, who will still broadcast like that and entertain us all. It will be boring without the director!”

Alexei Yagudin’s subsequent post on Instagram and comments between him and Evgeny Plushenko; translated to English:

Such are things in figure skating these days.

Plushenko: Lesha, well done, sit down – 5!! Next time tag me, otherwise people send me and I don’t know!

Yagudin: Zhenek, thanks for the five! I have a different teacher. Yes, and I am old. You can’t lure me away.

Plushenko: Lesha, come on… although… maybe as an administrator, or even better, an animator!? In principle, I don’t mind!!!!

Yagudin: Are you sure you don’t mind? Is your voice definitely decisive?

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