Elizaveta Nugumanova wins at the N. A. Panin Memorial competition

Elizaveta Nugumanova

This week, St. Petersburg hosted the annual N. A. Panin-Kolomenkin Memorial competition, in honor of 1908 Olympic gold medal winning figure skater Nikolai Panin. The all-Russian ladies’ event featured ten participants, just one non-Russian representative – Moscow-born Ekaterina Ryabova of Azerbaijan – and was won by 18-year-old Elizaveta Nugumanova.

Leader after the short program, St. Petersburg-native Nugumanova already had a six-point lead over second place before the free skate and an even more sizable lead over the rest of the field. Struggling with under-rotations on the first triple Lutz and a triple flip early in the program, Nugumanova did pick up a bonus on her final spin. The only skater to earn a program component score in the sixties, she received a total score of 187.16 points to win the event.

The most experienced skater in the competition, 17-year-old Ryabova opened her program with a triple Lutz-triple toe loop combination. An under-rotation on a triple loop and a double axel-triple toe loop combination in the second half of the program cost her points. A few other jumps and spins were reviewed but received positive grades of execution. She received a higher program component score than the skaters before her and held on to second place with a total score of 184.49 points.

Arina Onishchenko, who just placed eighth at the second stage of the Cup of Russia series this past weekend, opened her free skate performance – sixth after the short program – with a double axel-triple toe loop combination. With just a slight mistake on the landing of the first combination and a later triple loop, the rest of the program was clean and the 16-year-old received a total score of 170.03 points, enough to move up to third place.

Final results:

  1. Elizaveta Nugumanova – 187.16
  2. Ekaterina Ryabova – 184.49
  3. Arina Onishchenko – 170.03
  4. Arina Andreeva – 152.37
  5. Aleksandra Makhalova – 147.22
  6. Vlada Licova – 146.10
  7. Varvara Dyukar – 145.38
  8. Sofia Khozyainova – 144.76
  9. Alisa Budzkova – 138.92
  10. Anastasia Gorshkova – 136.89

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