Daniel Grassl wins at the Budapest Trophy

Italian figure skater Daniel Grassl had no match at the Budapest Trophy in Hungary. The two-time National champion delivered two good programs and earned a total score of 233.04 points to win his first competition of the season.

Already with more than ten points ahead of the closest rival after the short program, 18-year-old Grassl opened his free skate performance with an unsuccessful quad Lutz attempt but was the only skater to attempt three quadruple jumps in the routine; his whole program featured higher difficulty than the rest of the field and helped increase his advantage to almost twenty points.

Fourth after the short program, Burak Demirboga of Turkey received a total score of 213.39 points and improved to second place overall. No quad attempts but a clean free skate technique-wise, with no negative grades of execution, had his second day performance ranked the second best.

Estonia’s Aleksandr Selevko was in third place after the short program. He presented his free skate to music from Notre-dame de Paris. The 19-year-old began his performance with a triple toe loop-double toe loop and also didn’t attempt any quads. He made a few technical errors but the highest total program component score of the day – 74.20 points – helped earn him a total result of 204.88 points and enough for a bronze medal in the competition.

Five-time Turkish Junior National champion Basar Oktar began his free skate with a triple axel-double toe loop combination. Also skating to music from the musical Notre-Dame de Paris, the 18-year-old received a total score of 202.17 points and placed fourth.

27-year-old Maurizio Zandron finished fourth a few weeks ago at the Nebelhorn Trophy. He was second after the short program. The Austrian opened his free skate with a triple axel-double toe loop attempt. With shaky landings on a few of his jumps, he received a total score of 200.80 points and finished fifth, 0.06 points ahead of sixth place.

Full results:

  1. Daniel GRASSL (ITA) – 233.04
  2. Burak DEMIRBOGA (TUR) – 213.39
  3. Aleksandr SELEVKO (EST) – 204.88
  4. Basar OKTAR (TUR) – 202.17
  5. Maurizio ZANDRON (AUT) – 200.80
  6. Ivan SHMURATKO (UKR) – 200.74
  7. Jari KESSLER (CRO) – 176.13
  8. Larry LOUPOLOVER (BUL) – 173.39
  9. Andras CSERNOCH (HUN) – 171.46
  10. Mate BOROCZ (HUN) – 123.60
  11. Marco KLEPOCH (SVK) – 110.39
    WD – Alexander MASZLJANKO (HUN)

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