Hendrickx, Kiibus strongest at Budapest Trophy

Eva Lotta-Kiibus medaled in her second consecutive competition this season

This weekend at the Budapest Trophy in Hungary, Loena Hendrickx made a successful return, Eva-Lotta Kiibus medaled in her second consecutive competition, and Alexandra Feigin got on to the podium of an ISU Challenger Series event for the first time.

Prior to this week, Belgian figure skater Hendrickx had not competed since March of 2019. Leader after the short program by nearly seven points, Hendrickx opened her free skate with a triple Lutz-double toe loop combination. A strong beginning, despite a popped Lutz at the halfway point and a double axel-single loop combination at the end, did enough to earn a total score of 198.87 points. The Belgian took the gold medal.

Winner of the Nebelhorn Trophy a few weeks ago in Germany, Estonia’s Kiibus was second after the short program. She landed her opening double axel-triple toe loop combination and followed that with a triple flip-Euler-triple Salchow attempt. She managed to stay upright on a triple loop and then only singled an axel in the second half of the performance, but was the first of the competitors to earn a total technical element score in the sixties. She received a total score of 184.27 points and placed second, medaling in her second consecutive Challenger Series competition.

Third after the short program, Alexandra Feigin of Bulgaria began her performance with a strong triple Lutz. The 17-year-old popped a flip attempt about midway through the program but rebounded with a great triple loop-double toe loop-double loop combination near the end and earned a total score of 172.68 points for the bronze medal.

Hendrickx and Kiibus are scheduled to take part in the ISU Grand Prix event in Grenoble, France next month, and will be among the favorites for the podium with Japanese National champion Rika Kihira and three-time Swiss National champion Alexia Paganini.

Full results:

  1. Loena HENDRICKX (BEL) – 198.87
  2. Eva-Lotta KIIBUS (EST) – 184.27
  3. Alexandra FEIGIN (BUL) – 172.68
  4. Julia LANG (HUN) – 166.55
  5. Dasa GRM (SLO) – 152.07
  6. Ivett TOTH (HUN) – 146.66
  7. Emilea ZINGAS (CYP) – 144.61
  8. Regina SCHERMANN (HUN) – 143.48
  9. Kristina SHKULETA-GROMOVA (EST) – 141.56
  10. Guzide Irmak BAYIR (TUR) – 127.62
  11. Antonina DUBININA (SRB) – 124.01
  12. Marilena KITROMILIS (CYP) – 116.30
  13. Sinem PEKDER (TUR) – 115.33
    WD – Natalie KLOTZ (AUT) – 13th after the short program; 40.55

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