Alena Kostornaia’s training footage

The Angels of Plushenko Instagram account published footage of Alena Kostornaia practicing a part of her free skate program. The 2020 European champion looked healthy, in shape, and finally ready to compete.

Kostornaia’s free skate performance this season will be to a mixture of three different songs: Wayward Sisters (from Nocturnal Animals), Dance for Me Wallis (from W.E.), and The Cheek of Night (from Romeo and Juliet) – all songs by Abel Korzeniowski. The program is choreographed by Shae-Lynn Bourne.

Instagram post by Angels of Plushenko:

Work moments. Alena Kostornaia, under the leadership of Sergei Rozanov, is working out the program and preparing for competitions. Have a nice evening and a great mood!

Around the same time, Kostornaia also made an Instagram post from the training session, with an English caption. A fan commented a

Alena Kostornaia’s Instagram post and comment, translated into English:

Fan: How about the non grata list? So many little kids skating, horrible.

Kostornaia: This is the younger group’s skate time, in my practice I train and not take photos.

Kostornaia is next expected to participate in four competitions over a period of about 49 days: the fourth stage of the Cup of Russia series in Kazan (November 8-12), the Rostelecom Cup (November 20-22), the fifth stage of the Cup of Russia series in Moscow (December 5-8), and the Russian National Championship in Chelyabinsk (December 23-27).

The 17-year-old is the reigning European and Grand Prix Final champion, as well as last season’s silver medalist at Nationals.

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