Biography about Alexandra Trusova

At just the age of 16, Russian figure skater Alexandra Trusova already has a biography written about her.

Russian sports news website first reported about the book. It is called The Girl Who Defeated Gravity and is written by Elena Zotova. The 240-page publication is currently listed at 519 Russian Rubles (equivalent to about $6.78).

The description of the book says, “Here is the first official biography of a phenomenal Russian athlete, or rather a fragile sixteen-year-old girl who turned the world of modern figure skating upside down. Sasha has set several world records and is included in the Guinness World Records book. The name of this skater is known all over the world.”

It continues, “Having burst into the world of figure skating three years ago, this athlete from Ryazan did the impossible – she was the first woman to do a jump with four rotations (previously only men could brag about this). Therefore, Sasha raised the bar in figure skating to an unattainable height and made Russia the undisputed leader of this sport. Now in Sasha’s arsenal there are several types of quadruples, as well as the most difficult jump – the axel. And, perhaps, this is not the limit.”

“Alexandra Trusova’s parents, her coaches and Sasha herself talk about her rise in figure skating – the most competitive sport. About childhood and the first lesson in the section in Ryazan. About moving to Moscow and training with the world’s most famous coach Eteri Tutberidze. About the choice of programs, costumes, trips to competitions. About the competition and behind the scenes of the modern world of figure skating,” – says the description on

Trusova holds multiple records for being the first lady to land quadruple jumps in competitions, as well as the highest free skate program score. She recently won the second stage of the Cup of Russia series in Moscow, where she also landed a triple axel, and then the fourth stage in Kazan, where she attempted four quads in the free skate – including one in a combination in the second half of the program.


Per a post from an Instagram fan account of Trusova, according to the author of book – there are plans to have the book published in English.

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