Daria Usacheva leads after the short program

Daria Usacheva (Photo from @mihail_sharov on Instagram)

Third place winner at the second stage of the Cup of Russia, Daria Usacheva began her second competition this season with another strong short program performance to take the lead of the ladies’ event at the third stage of the Cup of Russia series.

Eteri Tutberidze’s 14-year-old skater started her short program with a double axel. Skating to One Day I’ll Fly Away, from the film Moulin Rouge!, Usacheva delivered another superbly artistic performance and successfully landed all of her jumps – a triple Lutz and a triple flip-triple toe loop combination. She earned a score of 78.41 points.

Two-time Russian National champion Anna Shcherbakova presented an artistic program; however, an error late in the program left her in second place after the short program. The 16-year-old began her performance with a double axel. She successfully landed a triple flip but made a mistake on her triple Lutz-double loop attempt. She received a score of 77.47 points.

2015 World and European champion Elizaveta Tuktamysheva landed a triple axel to start her routine. The 23-year-old also completed a triple Lutz-triple toe loop combination and a triple flip, earning a total score of 76.36 points. She is in third place after the short program.

Seventh at last season’s Russian National Championship, 18-year-old Anastasiia Guliakova opened her short program performance with a triple flip-triple toe loop combination. She also landed a double axel and a triple Lutz, and received a score of 69.29 points. She is in fourth place going into the free skate.

Former European champion Sofia Samodurova began her routine with a triple flip-triple toe loop combination and a double axel. An error on her final triple Lutz attempt cost her points, and the 18-year-old received a score of 65.26 points to close out the top five.

18-year-old Elizaveta Nugumanova landed a double-footed triple Lutz to start her short program. A great triple loop-triple loop combination and a solid double axel attempt earned her a total score of 64.97 points and put her in sixth position in her first Cup of Russia event this season.


  1. Daria Usacheva – 78.41
  2. Anna Shcherbakova – 77.47
  3. Elizaveta Tuktamysheva – 76.36
  4. Anastasiia Guliakova – 69.29
  5. Sofia Samodurova – 65.26
  6. Elizaveta Nugumanova – 64.97
  7. Stanislava Molchanova – 60.91
  8. Arina Andreeva – 52.40
  9. Alina Zabora – 48.83
  10. Ekaterina Monic – 44.14

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