Rika Kihira will not compete this weekend

Rika Kihira (Original photo from Kyodo News; tweet from @rika_kihira)

Two-time Four Continents Championship winner Rika Kihira appeared to be included as an entry in the 2020 Romand Trophy (Trophee Romand) competition, which takes place in Lausanne, Switzerland from October 30 to November 1, but she announced on Twitter that this is not correct.

The schedule and results table released for the Romand Trophy includes a few more inaccuracies at the moment – incorrect country codes for some skaters. The French word “pays” translates to the English word “country.” For some skaters, the country code is actually a code for their figure skating club: Switzerland’s own Alexia Paganini – WIN stands for her skating club Winterthurer SC. However, Deniss Vasiljevs, who is Latvian (country code LAT), is listed as a representative of a completely different country (country code LTU stand for Lithuania).

Listed entries in ladies’ and men’s events, as well as Rika Kihira’s tweet:

I didn’t enter this tournament originally, but it seems that my name was included by some mistake. I was really surprised too. I’m sorry for making a noise.

Kihira, the 18-year-old reigning Japanese National champion, currently trains with Shephane Lambiel in Champery, Switzerland. She was assigned to participate at the French stage of the ISU Grand Prix series – Internationaux de France; however, the event has been cancelled due to coronavirus restrictions in the country.

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