Russian fans created petition to removed Plushenko from Cup of Russia

Five days ago, a petition to remove Evgeny Plushenko from the Cup of Russia series was created on This was reported by multiple large Russian news sources, including RT, Sport24, and NevaSport.

The petition says, “We ask you to suspend E. Plushenko from participating as a coach at the 4th and 5th stages of the Cup of Russia in connection with his violation of clause 6.11 of the Rules for the sport of “figure skating,” approved by order of the Ministry of Sports of Russia, dated November 22, 2018 No. 958.”

“According to clause 6.11 of these rules, Inappropriate behavior of competitors is prohibited. Any violations may lead to the removal of the culprit from participation in the competition.”

Author of the petition, named as Lyubov Kuznetsova, writes: “We believe that repeated violations of E. Plushenko’s coaching ethics, expressed in harsh and unethical statements in relation to other coaches and athletes, in relation to the marks given by judges at competitions, should be punished in accordance with the rules, namely, by disqualification from participation in competitions as a coach.”

The petition continues, “E. Plushenko’s constant violation of coaching ethics damages the reputation of the Russian Figure Skating Federation in the world figure skating environment, since he is a coach of athletes who are part of the Russian national team.”

“Also, such behavior has a detrimental effect on the public associated with figure skating in Russia, in connection with the constant discussions of the unethical statements of this coach in various media. We are confident that this path will lead to problems in the Federation and constant scandals.”

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