Kolyada wins Ice Star

After not having participated in competitions for nineteen months, 25-year-old Mikhail Kolyada won his second consecutive gold medal in the span of a week.

The former World and European Championship medalist landed his opening quad toe loop-triple toe loop combination and the next quad toe loop attempt. Kolyada made mistakes on the next jumps but was the only skater in the event to receive a total program component score in the mid-eighties – 86.84 points. Already having had more than a twenty four point lead after the short program, the Russian received a total competition score of 269.35 and walked away with first place.

Belarussian representative Konstantin Milyukov started his free skate routine with a quad Salchow and a triple axel. An error on his triple flip attempt and doubles rather than triples weren’t enough to catch Kolyada. With a program score of 157.98 points, the 26-year-old earned a total competition score of 236.39 points and took the silver medal.

Alexei Mishin’s 17-year-old skater Evgenii Semenenko landed his quad Salchow and quad toe loop attempts. A nice performance, despite a popped axel attempt and a slight quarter under-rotation on a triple flip-Euler-triple Salchow combination, kept him in the hunt for second place but the young Russian had to settle for the bronze medal with a total competition score of 236.39 points.

Final results:

  1. Mikhail KOLYADA (Russia) – 269.35
  2. Konstantin MILYUKOV (Belarus) – 236.39
  3. Evgenii SEMENENKO (Russia) – 230.68
  4. Alexander LEBEDEV (Belarus) – 204.76

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