Safonova wins Ice Star

17-year-old Moscow-born Belarussian representative Viktoria Safonova was less than a point behind first place after the short program. She began her free skate performance with a triple Lutz-triple toe loop combination and then a double axel. A well done routine, with just a slight quarter under-rotation on triple Lutz-Euler-triple Salchow combination, earned her a total competition score of 200.66 points. Safonova won the Ice Star competition in Minsk to start her season.

Leader after the short program, Anastasiia Guliakova delivered an energetic free skate performance. Similarly to the last stage of the Cup of Russia series, the 18-year-old Russian made mistakes in the back end of the routine and dropped to second place. She began her free skate program with a triple flip-triple toe loop combination. After landing a triple Lutz, triple loop, and double axel, Guliakova under-rotated two jumping sequences and fell once. She received a total competition score of 181.97 points.

2019 European champion and winner of this competition last season, Sofia Samodurova started her free skate performance quite well but began struggling after a fall on a double axel-Euler-triple Salchow combination in the second half of the performance. A doubled flip attempt cost the 18-year-old points as she earned a total competition score of 179.14 points and finished in third position.

Final Results:

  1. Viktoria SAFONOVA (Belarus) – 200.66
  2. Anastasiia GULIAKOVA (Russia) – 181.97
  3. Sofia SAMODUROVA (Russia) – 179.14
  4. Kristina SKULETA-GROMOVA (Estonia) – 161.67
  5. Emilea ZINGAS (Cyprus) – 139.95
  6. Valeriia SIDOROVA (Armenia) – 134.84
  7. Viktoria IUSHCHENKOVA (Israel) – 133.00
  8. Alina IUSHCHENKOVA (Israel) – 132.08
  9. Antonina DUBININA (Serbia) – 127.68
  10. Aleksandra CHEPELEVA (Belarus) – 123.24

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