Alena Kostornaia’s free skate program in practice

Good morning. With the beginning of a new work week! Productive training and good mood. In the video – Alena Kostornaia, a fragment of the practice skate.

2020 European figure skating champion Alena Kostornaia is scheduled to make her season’s debut Sunday in Kazan at the fourth stage of the Cup of Russia series.

Kostornaia presented her short program at the Russian test skates. It features a mix of Billie Eilish’s songs – James Bond’s theme song No Time to Die and You Should See Me in a Crown – and was choreographed by her coach Sergei Rozanov.

The 17-year-old did not perform her free skate program at the test skates. This performance will be to a mixture of three different songs: Wayward Sisters (from Nocturnal Animals), Dance for Me Wallis (from W.E.), and The Cheek of Night (from Romeo and Juliet) – all songs by Abel Korzeniowski. The program is choreographed by Shae-Lynn Bourne.

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