Anna Shcherbakova withdraws from Rostelecom Cup

Anna Shcherbakova (Photo from sport24)

Just hours before the start of the Russian stage of this season’s ISU Grand Prix series – the 2020 Rostelecom Cup, two-time Russian National champion Anna Shcherbakova withdrew from the competition due to an illness.

Originally, it was reported that Shcherbakova could not participate due to medical reasons; however, Russian news publication RIA Novosti reports that a source informed them that the 16-year-old has been diagnosed with pneumonia.

Earlier, TASS reported that the reason was a cold and the decision to withdraw was not made due to the coronavirus or an injury. Now, TASS also confirms that they have received information from a source that the young figure skater has been diagnosed with pneumonia and does not have COVID-19. “Anna was diagnosed with pneumonia. The test for the coronavirus before the competition showed a negative result,” said the source.

The Rostelecom Cup starts today; for the schedule and list of participants – click here.

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