Adelina Sotnikova releases autobiography

2014 Olympic gold medalist Adelina Sotnikova announced on Instagram that she is releasing an autobiography. The book is titled Heart of Ice and the preliminary release date online is December 4.

The 208-page book’s description says: “I, Adelina Sotnikova, the first individual Olympic champion in women’s single skating in Russian history, want to share with you the most honest story of my journey. You supported me on the Olympic ice, and thanks to you, I received my most expensive gold medal. You will find out what was behind each performance, how hard each jump was, what each point was worth in the competition.”

The description continues, “I want this book to be not only a reflection of mine, but also the beginning of your story. In the book you will find my professional advice on how to prepare to practice figure skating, which exercises to start with and, most importantly, how to perform them. Inside: QR codes by which you can watch a video of each jump in my performance! This book is for everyone who, like me, is infinitely in love with the world of figure skating.”

Adelina Sotnikova’s post on Instagram and translated to English:

Hello, my darlings!
I know that you have lost me. But I had a very good reason, I was preparing a new project and during the last month I did the impossible for myself, maybe someday I will share it with you. To be honest, it took a long time to get there through doubts and reflection on many moments in my life and sports career. It was a big, difficult and very meaningful job for me. So many memories and events.
And finally it happened!
Today I want to announce the release of my book!!!
This is an autobiography and “the first book of a skater.” In it you will find not only my history in sports, but also tips, recommendations that, I hope, will help you at the beginning of your own path to success and a podium.
Therefore, with excitement and joy, I inform you that pre-order is already available on all electronic book sites in the country!
This can be a great New Year gift for all future stars and figure skating lovers!

P.S. Separately, I want to express my gratitude to my family, my director and every person who was with me during the last month, who accepted everything with understanding. With your help, I cope with all the difficulties in my life.

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