Arena scheduled to host European Championship – turned into hospital

Arena Zagreb (Photo by Miljenko Hegedic)

Arena Zagreb in the capital of Croatia, which is scheduled to host the 2021 European Figure Skating Championship from January 25 to 31, has been converted into a COVID-19 hospital.

According to Croatian media, the first admitted patients will arrive by the end of the week. The sports arena will house patients who have mild symptoms and those who are almost ready to be discharged, in order to relieve the city’s hospitals for more severe patients.

The arena in Zagreb will have eighteen doctors and fifty five nurses. So far, there are a hundred beds for patients, but if necessary, the amount can be increased.

Russian media reports that Alexander Lakernik, Vice-President of the International Skating Union (ISU), says that the event’s organizers have not asked to postpone or cancel the competition. He commented on the situation in a phone call: “I don’t know about this. You need to ask the Croats about it. The Croats have not raised this topic yet. We did not receive any official information from them.”

Earlier this week, the ISU cancelled the 2021 World Junior Figure Skating Championship.

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