Evgeni Plushenko on Russian talk show with his family

Two-time Olympic gold medalist Evgeni Plushenko appeared on the popular Russian late night talk show Evening Urgant with his wife Yana Rudkovskaya and his son Alexander this past Friday.

The popular couple sat down with Ivan Urgant to talk about their newborn Arseniy, joke about social media posts, and discuss the brand new Angels of Plushenko facility.

Translation of interview:

Urgant: Two months have passed since the birth of the second child in your family. How did you come up with the name Arseniy?

Rudkovskaya: We came up with the name right away. We wanted a Russian name.

Plushenko: There were two options – Dmitry and Arsyusha.

Urgant: Sasha, are you glad that someone else has appeared in this family who can be in TikTok?

Alexander: Yes, I’m glad.

Urgant: What can you tell us about your brother?

Alexander: He smiles at me, looks like me.

Urgant: You are busy people. Has anything changed in your routine since the birth of your baby?

Plushenko: Van, nothing has changed here, in general. Yana’s mom is sitting with Arsyusha, we also have a nanny.

Rudkovskaya: And we continue to work intensively!

Plushenko: But we babysit too!

Urgant: At what age will Arseniy appear in TikTok? As far as I understand, you are not showing his face yet. But it is possible for the child to take part in the video without showing his face.

Rudkovskaya: Probably, we’ll come up with something. But I think it won’t be soon. One fighter is enough for us.

Urgant: Sasha, can you even say: : “I won’t act in TikTok today?” And play some game.

(Alexander nods)

Urgant: Do you have a day off, tell me?

Alexander: There is! Sunday is my day off.

Urgant: And what are you doing on this day? When you do not have to exercise.

Alexander: On Sunday we film. It happens that you don’t want to.

Urgant: Can you tell your mom that you don’t want to act anymore?

Alexander: I said but she wouldn’t listen.

Rudkovskaya: By the way, Sasha refuses to shoot. He says he will not go anywhere, except for the show of Vanya Urgant. Refused your colleague Maxim Galkin. Said, “I have a day off.”

Urgant: Are you planning to put Arseniy on skates?

Plushenko: We are planning. We will definitely do it in four years. Maybe earlier. Let’s see how he grows. We put Sanya on skates at three, and at four he started skating.

Urgant: Sasha, are you ready to share toys with your younger brother?

Alexander: Ready!

Urgant: Has your parents’ attention shifted strongly to the baby?

(Alexander nods)

Urgant: Although in your case it’s a plus. Evgeni, is it true that you built a new skating rink for skaters on your plot?

Plushenko: Yes. We have built a skating rink. This is a full-fledged school with a full-size ice – halls, choreography, free accommodation for talented children. It was my dream. At the beginning of my career, I myself spent a lot of time in St. Petersburg on the metro and public transportation. I trained, went to school, then came back, it took a lot of strength and energy.

With Yana, we made my dream come true. We have built an academy. Yes, indeed, it is on our plot. Professional athletes will skate there, there will be initial training. It will be possible to live on the territory.

Alena Kostornaia and Alexandra Trusova, who train with me, will live in special cottages – houses where all conditions will be created. The same option exists for other talented children.

Urgant: Zhen, can I come to live here at 42 and try figure skating?

Plushenko: I still count on sports and professional history. I need results. I want to make my academy the best not only in the country, but also in the world. Yes, it takes time. But if I set a goal and a task, I always go towards it. I think everything will work out.

I don’t know if there is such a thing in the world and in the country, but I have a group of autistic children and guys with Down syndrome skating for free. This is our position with Yana. We give this option. From what I see, I can say that children can even perform at the Special Olympics.

Urgant: Yana, will the breakfasts for skaters be the same as you post on your Instagram?

Rudkovskaya: I think it will be even better.

Plushenko: I would like to note that there will be special meals for athletes. Healthy food is a must. For athletes. Those who, at 42, just want to go for a skate, can eat a burger.

Urgant: What about the New Year shows?

Rudkovskaya: Just a few hours ago, we decided that we would still hold our Swan Lake show for 25 percent of the audience. This is such a brand… The only show that was bought in Asia and Europe.

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