Laishev said Tutberidze has a cold; Tutberidze posts video saying that is not true

Eteri Tutberidze with Kamila Valieva (Photo by Aleksandr Vilf/RIA Novosti)

Renat Laishev, the General Director of Sambo-70, told RIA Novosti that figure skating coach Eteri Tutberidze has a cold and works remotely.

In a phone call with the media publication, Laishev said: “Eteri Georgievna has a cold, like many do now. We are trying to keep track of everything at our school and are doing everything that depends on us. Her work is connected with the ice. She has no signs of being infected with the coronavirus. She is now recovering and working remotely with her girls.”

Previously, two skaters from the Khrustalny branch missed events due to health reasons – Evgenia Medvedeva had contracted COVID-19 and Anna Shcherbakova reportedly had pneumonia prior to the Russian stage of the ISU Grand Prix series.

The fifth stage of the Cup of Russia starts December 5. Several skaters – including Alena Kostornaia, Elizaveta Tuktamysheva, and Dmitri Aliev – have withdrawn from the event due to positive coronavirus test results.


Eteri Tutberidze posted a video on her Instagram story addressing Renat Laishev and the reports saying that she has a cold. Tutberidze said that she does not have any symptoms and is feeling good: “Hello! Dear Renat Alekseevich, we are healthy, we seem to feel good, there are no symptoms of a cold. Thank you very much for your concern. We are at our workplace.”

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