Grassl wins third Italian national title

Daniel Grassl (Photo by Joosep Martinson – International Skating Union)

18-year-old Daniel Grassl continued his streak of great performances this season at the Italian National Championships this weekend.

Leader after the short program by almost ten points, Grassl began his free skate program with four quad jumps – a Lutz, a flip, and a loop. The latter jump was ruled under-rotated by the judges. Skating to Joker by Cedric Tour, Grassl also landed a triple axel-Euler-triple Salchow combination, a triple Lutz-triple loop combination, a triple flip-triple toe loop combination, and finally a triple Lutz.

A costume change in the second half of the routine helped Grassl be the only skater to earn a total program component score in the nineties, and he received a total competition score of 272.85 points to dominate another event this season.

Earlier this season, the now three-time Italian national champion won the Budapest Trophy in Hungary and two stages of the inaugural Italian Grand Prix series.

Former national champion Matteo Rizzo was third after the short program but made a strong comeback on the second day of the competition skating to music from The Greatest Showman to win his sixth Italian national silver medal. The 22-year-old landed his opening quad toe loop and then a triple loop. Rizzo received only positive grades of execution and earned a total score of 248.94 points.

In October, Rizzo changed coaches from his longtime trainer Franca Bianconi to Lorenzo Magri – the same coach as his rival Grassl. This season, Rizzo was fifth at the Nebelhorn Trophy and was the runner-up at both stages of the Italian Grand Prix to his younger teammate Grassl.

The Italian junior national champion of the past two seasons – 18-year-old Gabriele Frangipani – was second after the short program but had a tougher outing during his free skate routine. He managed to hold onto his opening two quad attempts – a toe loop and a Salchow – but lost a big chunk of the grades of execution. Frangipani then landed a good triple axel-triple toe loop combination but the remaining jumps were shaky – including a fall on a triple flip-Euler-double Salchow combination. The silver medalist at this season’s Nebelhorn Trophy and bronze medalist at two stages of the Italian Grand Prix series earned a total event result of 233.49 points to be third overall.

Final results:

  1. Daniel Grassl – 272.85
  2. Matteo Rizzo – 248.94
  3. Gabriele Frangipani – 233.49
  4. Alessandro Fadini – 182.28
  5. Mattia Dalla Torre – 162.93
  6. Alberto Vanz – 149.22

All competition results:

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