Ryabova leaves Angels of Plushenko

Ekaterina Ryabova (Photo by Oleg Nikishin – International Skating Union)

Azerbaijani figure skater Ekaterina Ryabova announced that she has left Evgeni Plushenko and Alexander Volkov at Angeles of Plushenko and will now be coached by her father Alexei Ryabov.

Instagram post by Ryabova and her response to a fan’s question; translated to English:

New-old coaches. Everything happens in our lives.

Fan: Katya, did you leave Plushenko’s Academy?

Ryabova: Yes.

The Russian-born 17-year-old trained under the guidance of Volkov since 2016 and in that time has reached thirteenth position at the 2019 World Championships and was sixth at the 2020 European Championships. In her sole competition this season, Ryabova ended up ninth at the Russian stage of the ISU Grand Prix series.

Ryabova commented on the coaching change to Russian sports news publisher sport24: “Due to some organizational changes at the academy Angels of Plushenko, I was no longer satisfied with the training conditions, so at the moment we parted ways with the academy.ย Now I will train with my parents on rented ice. I parted with Alexander Volkov and Evgeni Plushenko without conflicts.ย In principle, I am not a conflict person and I am sincerely grateful to the coaches for their work.”

Ryabova’s father was her first coach, having introduced her to figure skating when she was three years old, and trained her until she was twelve.

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