Medvedeva will perform at the exhibition gala at Russian Nationals

Evgenia Medvedeva (Photo by Sergei Bobylev/TASS)

Two-time World and European champion Evgenia Medvedeva told Russia’s Channel One in an interview that she will perform at the exhibition gala at the 2021 Russian National Championships in Chelyabinsk on December 27.

Medvedeva said: “I will agree to New Year’s shows. This is my motivation to get myself out of a rather serious illness. I will appear at the exhibition gala at the Russian Championship, I will try to land at least one jump. My legs are still quite weak but we are working on this. Maybe we will prepare something new.”

The 21-year-old figure skater has had a difficult year dealing with injuries and then COVID-19. Medvedeva’s last completed competition was at last season’s Rostelecom Cup – 13 months ago – where she was the leader after the short program and finished second overall, only nine points behind Alexandra Trusova. At the following month’s Russian Nationals, Medvedeva’s boot broke during the early practice sessions and she placed fifth after the short program; however, unable to properly skate with a bad boot – the 2016 and 2017 Russian national champion decided to withdraw from the competition.

This season, Medvedeva presented her new programs at the Russian test skates and then announced her return to coach Eteri Tutberidze. However, she was unable to participate in any stages of the Cup of Russia series or the Rostelecom Cup due to a back injury, and later it was also revealed that she had tested positive for the coronavirus – forcing her to withdraw from the upcoming Russian National Championships due to lack of preparation time.

In the interview with Channel One, Medvedeva also said: “Exercising is better than sitting at home, but legs still do not hold. I work a lot in the gym to tone muscles because, of course, everything went away during the long illness period. I am recovering little by little.”

She added, “Physically I feel that it will not be easy for me but when you know that you have some goal, some specific event for which you are preparing, you clench yourself into a fist and do the maximum that you can. I am the kind of person who crawls to the end until the strength runs out. I will gnaw to the end. I will crawl until I just fall. I’m still crawling, not even crawling – I’m still walking. I feel that I have the strength, that I will stand on my feet. I will do it until I start getting up.”

Video by Channel One:

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