Alina Zagitova at hockey game

2018 Olympic gold medalist Alina Zagitova was present at the ice hockey game between Russia and the Czech Republic in Moscow on Saturday.

Zagitova appeared on the television broadcast during the second period intermission and spoke about her relationship with hockey. As a reminder, her father – Ilnaz Zagitov – is a former hockey player and current coach.

On the live television broadcast, Zagitova said: “When my mother was pregnant with me, I already went to hockey. I was taken to hockey since childhood. My parents generally thought that there would be a boy – whom they wanted to give to hockey. They told me about it. But it so happened that I was born. And as a result, my life is connected with ice – with figure skating.”

The 18-year-old figure skater who took a break from competing last year and is now the host of Channel One’s Ice Age also responded to a question whether she has ever played hockey: “Have I tried hockey? Of course I tried. Dad put me on skates, gave a hockey stick and uniform. I went and fell a couple of times. It was painful and difficult. I thought it was going to be easier.”

She also answered a question about the differences in skating techniques between figure skating and ice hockey: “Elements from figure skating in hockey? It’s no secret that hockey players take skating lessons from figure skaters. There are several exercises. It would be very interesting to see how they perform them. Probably, it would be difficult for them.”

After the event, Zagitova congratulated the Russian team for a great performance and thanked the organizers for the invitation in an Instagram post.

Today I got an incredible pleasure from attending the match of the Russian national hockey team at the Channel One Cup! SUCH emotions !! Simply, class.

Congratulations to the Russian team on their victory today! Forward! Keep it up!

Thanks to the organizers for the invitation – the Russian Ice Hockey Federation and Channel One. It was super interesting.

Russia won the game against the Czech Republic 4-1 and will play Finland on Sunday at 15:15 Moscow local time (7:15AM New York City time, 6:15AM Chicago time, 4:15AM Los Angeles time) for the Cup of Channel One. The game can be seen live on the YouTube channel of Channel One.

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