Evgenia Medvedeva’s interview in Vogue Russia

MOSCOW, RUSSIA FEBRUARY 6, 2021: Figure skater Evgenia Medvedeva (top) is seen during the opening ceremony for the team competition on Day 2 of the Channel One Figure Skating Cup at the Megasport Sports Palace. The Channel One Figure Skating Cup is a competition between two teams of Russian top figure skaters and ice dancers captained by Zagitova and Medvedeva. (Photo by Sergei Savostyanov/TASS via Getty Images)

The Russian version of the magazine Vogue published an interview with Olympic silver medalist and two-time world figure skating champion Evgenia Medvedeva this week, titled 22 Unsportsmanlike Questions from Evgenia Medvedeva.

Written by Daria Komyagina, the athlete talked about clothes, TV shows, and TikTok.

Full translation of the article, from Russian to English:

Last weekend, an unusual figure skating tournament was held in Moscow – the first ever Channel One Trophy team competition, in which the best athletes of Russia were invited to participate. Olympic champion Alina Zagitova played the role of the captain and mentor of one of the teams, which received the name Red Machine. The captain of the second, Time of the First, was Evgenia Medvedeva – two-time champion of Russia, Europe, the world and Grand Prix finals, winner of two silver medals at the Olympic Games, multiple winner of various international competitions. Evgenia’s titles can be listed literally ad infinitum; however, in describing her profile on Instagram, Zhenya herself puts “uku” (ukulele, or four-string guitar) as the first in the list of achievements, and only after that lists sports regalia. This is what Vogue decided to talk to Eugenia about: about the ukulele and other musical instruments, favorite TV shows, expensive outfits and unexpected beauty experiments. In general, just about life.

Medvedeva’s caption: Time of the First! #teammedo

Zhenya, are you interested in fashion?
Lately, yes. Perhaps even too interested, since it is expensive. But I enjoy shopping immensely. Perhaps this is just a period that will soon pass, but now I am actively following fashion. By the way, I have my own Evgenia Medvedeva merch. I even drew one of the collections myself. This is an image project, we sell clothes and accessories.

If I were suddenly told that for the rest of my life I can only wear clothes of one brand, I would choose Dior. They create real works of art, I literally fall in love with every detail. I also like Burberry. At the age of 14, I could not even imagine that at 21 I would be able to dress in things of such brands! It seemed like something out of reach, but now I am fulfilling all my dreams. True, I think that I can find something for myself of almost any brand because I prefer classic style. I love trench coats, trousers, basic colors: white, beige, brown, black. By the way, I really like Zara. I am thin and short, so it is difficult to find clothes for me, but there are things that fit like a glove.

Do you have a favorite item in your wardrobe?
Rather favorites, in the plural, are jackets. Now I have about eight or ten of them, but I feel that in the near future there will be more: different colors and styles. At the moment, my favorite look is a light basic top, a jacket with a belt, jeans and ankle boots or boots. And, of course, the main decoration is a smile and hair. The hair must be monitored, if it looks unkempt, then the whole image fades.

What is your favorite costume in your career?
The dress for the program “Memoirs of a Geisha” (2019-2020 season) is still my favorite. I also really like the dress for the free skate of the 2015-2016 season – it is not the most brilliant and the most “skating”. I skated in it with a high all that year. If you recall my exhibition programs, I will call my favorite the white flying dress in which I performed to Billie Eilish. I randomly added bandages to my fingers and knees, which I think nicely complemented the look.

Medvedeva – October 2019 (Photo by Derek Leung – International Skating Union)
Medvedeva – December 2015

Can you share the story of one of these costumes?
The history of the dress for “Memoirs of a Geisha” is different from all the others. It was made by the Japanese dressmaker Satomi Ito. She is still quite young, but so talented that her costumes are considered real masterpieces in the world of figure skating. I am really very lucky to have the opportunity to work with her. Before the pandemic, I flew to Japan almost every spring and summer, and one day we found time for a collaboration, which resulted in the coolest dress of my sports career.

Judging by the latest posts on Instagram, you are fond of makeup, have you recently become interested in it?
No. From the age of 13, I got carried away, as this is the specifics of the profession: at competitions we paint ourselves and do styling. This is a necessary measure. But recently I started broadcasting my skills on Instagram, I often post what I do out of boredom. From the point of view of a layperson, I can do a lot.

Do you come up with new beauty looks yourself?
I take inspiration from TikTok videos and Instagram. Videos about styling, makeup, skin and hair care constantly pop up in my recommendations. I try to repeat some images, but I also bring my own, and post the results on social networks.

Medvedeva’s caption: Good evening

What social network do you like more?
Of course, I really love Instagram, but lately I’ve been hanging out on TikTok. I don’t create content, but watch different videos. How addicting this platform is, sometimes it makes me sick from what I watch there, but sometimes it’s just unrealistic to break away from the cool and funny videos.

Skin care is arguably the biggest trend in the beauty industry right now. What do you think about it?
Indeed, I also focus on grooming, not makeup, I especially love everything related to hair and skin. If the skin is unhealthy and there are rashes or the hair is dry and dehydrated, then no means can hide the flaws. And if you hide it, then you will have to deal with the consequences. And in general, if you have a good complexion and shiny hair, then you can not paint at all. Therefore, I try to wash my face thoroughly, make masks, use day and night creams, serums, tonics. In summer, I choose cosmetics with a light texture, in winter – heavier and fatter. At home I have a bunch of all sorts of jars: for the body, face, eyelashes, eyebrows.

Do you have any favorites?
First, black soap. I use it every day, although experts write that a couple of times a week is enough. My skin has always suffered from comedones and blackheads, I fought with them for a long time, I was very worried. Perhaps this was due to adolescence, but black soap saved me. I have been using it for almost six months and am still delighted. The second essential product is a day face cream. And the third is a night cream.

You have experimented with hair more than once, was there anything that you regretted about a haircut or a new color?
I can’t say that I experimented many times, I did the staining only twice. One is quite recent, but it is insignificant – a bit like highlighting, I wanted to add light highlights. I also dyed my hair dark crimson, I was in love with this color and now I miss it. But the fans are tired of seeing me in that look, and in life it does not fit all the looks, so I decided to return to the basic haircut and shade. And, by the way, I didn’t have to regret the experiments, because now there are so many applications where you can “try on” a hairstyle or color. So I first resorted to the help of modern technology and only then went to the salon.

Do you like to cook?
I love it, but I have no time to cook at all. So many thanks to my mother and grandmother, who can do everything! If we talk about my favorite dishes, then in the top I have Japanese and Italian cuisine. And there is no unloved food. True, I don’t like everything that shakes… Jelly, jellied meat. This texture of dishes is for me.

What kind of music are you listening to now? Are you still into K-pop?
Mostly top charts. I have Spotify downloaded, I just find popular playlists and listen to them. I moved away from K-pop, but if I come across some incendiary track, then yes, I can listen.

You put on show performances for Ariana Grande and Billie Eilish. Did you come up with the images and choose the music yourself?
Yes, I thought up everything myself, but, you know, Ariana Grande and Billie Eilish are such artists, to whose music you don’t really need to invent anything. Their songs say it all.

How did you start playing the ukulele?
I took up the ukulele after several musicians appeared in my life. And in their circle I felt a little inferior, decided to start with a simple instrument. The guitar did not fit, as it has a too thick neck, and for my little hand it is too big, so the ukulele came to the rescue with its four strings.

Are you planning to master other musical instruments?
I want to learn to play the piano, they gave me an instrument for the New Year. But it’s so hard! True, I still like it.

Maybe you want to try yourself in something fundamentally new?
Recently I took part in the filming of one video, I can’t tell you any details yet, but the director was Eduard Oganesyan, known to many from the TV series Chiki. Having worked with such a master, of course, I thought, but what if I somehow try myself in cinema? On a TV show? Also a new experience. Interesting.

In fact, if I really want something, I usually don’t wait too long for it. For example, if I feel like snowboarding, next week I’ll buy myself all the equipment and go to the mountains.

Tell us about the latest book or film that sunk into the soul, made you laugh or cry bitterly.
I am now reading a collection of quotes by Faina Ranevskaya. Doesn’t make you cry, but it’s incredibly interesting. But the film, or rather the cartoon, because of which I always shed tears is Moana. The scene when the deceased grandmother appears in the middle of the ocean in the form of a manta ray is especially striking. Hmm, laugh… I know, my favorite TV series Sherlock makes me laugh. My favorite episode is John and Mary’s wedding. It’s so cool. I also recently watched Why Women Kill, I really liked the series, the plot is interesting.

Favorite place in Moscow?
City center, places and streets not far from TsUM.

Medvedeva’s caption: It was sunny the day this photo was taken

Where will you go when the borders open?
Oh, I really want to go to Japan, I miss this amazing country. I recommend to everyone, when life returns to normal and the borders open, if possible, the first thing to do is go there. Even during the pandemic I felt safe there. The Japanese are incredibly responsible people.

Have you recently become a trustee of Nikita Kukushkin’s Help project?
Yes. Nikita spoke about this project – this is the world’s first mobile application of targeted and transparent assistance to the elderly. I really liked the idea, and it is an honor to be in the company of such trustees as Alexander Gudkov, Anton Lapenko, Leonid Parfenov, Chulpan Khamatova and others. We shot cool videos in support of the project with Gudkov, I think everyone will see him in the spring. We decided to transfer our fee for participation in the Channel One Trophy to the Help project.

Medvedeva and Alexander Gudkov for the Help project

Finally, how are your pets, have you got a second dog?
My pets get along well together. Young Tofochka (a puppy of the French Bulldog breed. – Approx. Vogue) develops, studies the world, sometimes mischievous, for which he gets a pope. But for her this is an experience, everything is new. She is still so small that from time to time she forgets what my mother looks like, and sometimes she is frightened by her, just very much. But overall I think both Jerry and Tofu lead a wonderful and happy canine life.

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