Sambo-70 director says the club cannot solve Kostornaia’s financial issues

Alena Kostornaia (C) at the 2020 Rostelecom Cup (Photo by Sergei Bobylev/TASS via Getty Images)

General Director of the Sports and Education Center Sambo-70 Renat Laishev told Russian news agency TASS that the institution cannot financially interfere in the financial issues regarding the return of Alena Kostornaia to Eteri Tutberidze’s group.

Earlier on Friday, wife of Evgeni Plushenko and co-owner of Angels of Plushenko Yana Rudkovskaya informed sports news publication Sport Express that Kostornaia has a signed contract to train at Plushenko’s academy, and in order to break the contract – the academy must be compensated for the work that has been done.

Laishev told TASS: “This is not our prerogative, we do not have any money other than government rates for a sport like figure skating, they are funny. Sambo-70, in this situation, does not solve anything.”

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