Zagitova and Usacheva appear in Puma ad dedicated to women

Alina Zagitova (C); English: Together with her to the stars

Olympic and World champion Alina Zagitova and 2020 World Junior Championships silver medalist Daria Usacheva appeared in a new video by athletic apparel manufacturer Puma, dedicated to women on International Women’s Day.

#ВМЕСТЕСНЕЙ (English: together with her) we are stronger, she is a best friend, sister, mom or teammate ❤️ Tell us about girls and women who inspire and support you, use the hashtag #ВМЕСТЕСНЕЙ. Join @azagitova, @senoritasaeva and the global PUMA family.

Zagitova shared the video on her Instagram account too, and wrote “👩‍👧 #ВМЕСТЕСНЕЙ 🙋‍♀️🎯 It is very important that there is a person nearby who inspires, guides and supports you. This support gives confidence to move forward 🧗🏽‍♀️. I am not only talking about athletes but also about girls who do not participate in professional sports – a person like this is important in everyone’s life. I am lucky that my MOM is such a person – she understands me, motivates and helps. Together with her, I believe in my strength even more, I am proud and glad that next to me is a dear person who inspires me to achieve new goals and overcome all difficulties! 💐☀️ P.S. Congratulations to everyone on the spring Women’s Day 🌷 and @puma on a new campaign 😍!
@pumarussia @pumawomen”.

The 18-year-old figure skater has been an ambassador for Puma since 2019.

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