Andrei Mozalev underwent surgery on left leg

Andrei Mozalev (Photo by Andrei Mozalev)

2020 World Junior champion Andrei Mozalev underwent a surgery at a clinic in St. Petersburg for subcutaneous bursitis of the left ankle joint in the medial ankle area. This was first reported on the official website of the Figure Skating Federation of Russia.

After the operation, the 17-year-old figure skater said, “I feel fine. The leg aches a little but doctors say it should be so. The operation lasted a little over an hour. I had a “cyst” removed on the right bone of my left leg. This had to be done because the skate was pressing on it, which caused pain and interfered with full training and jumping. The doctors said that treatment will not help, it is better to remove this formation. And as soon as the time appeared, we decided to do it. Now I am in the hospital, after a while the stitches will be removed, it will take several days to recover, I will be at home and then we will slowly start training.”

The athlete’s coach Kirill Davydenko added, “Doctors explained that the problem cannot be solved by treatment, an operation is needed. During the offseason, we went for it, took up health, so that later nothing would interfere with the full preparation for the new season.”

This season, Mozalev won silver medals at two stages of the Cup of Russia series – the third stage in Sochi and the fourth stage in Kazan. In both competitions, he struggled in the short program but rallied back in the free skate. At the Russian stage of the ISU Grand Prix series, Mozalev again placed in the middle of the pack in the short program but was second in the free skate the following day – resulting in a fourth place overall finish.

Mozalev was fourth at the Russian National Championships in Chelyabinsk, had a fifth place performance among the men as a member of Alina Zagitova’s winning team at the Channel One Trophy team competition, and finished fourth at the Cup of Russia Final last month.

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