Anna Shcherbakova’s interview in Marie Claire Russia

Photo of Anna Shcherbakova in InStyle Russia magazine’s March issue (Text: “I have always admired the Chinese figure skater Boyang Jin, and last year we competed in the same competitions and won in our own categories. It was unforgettable!”)

16-year-old figure skater Anna Shcherbakova is preparing for next week’s 2021 World Figure Skating Championships but before we see her on the ice in Stockholm – the inspiring and admirable three-time Russian national champion has been featured in many of this month’s Russian magazines.

Interview from Marie Claire Russia translated to English; interview by Stepan Gorskin:

What does it mean for you to be No. 1?

A few minutes of joy, pride, and then a return to work with new goals and objectives.

“Before the results are announced, I feel…”

Depends on the performance. I feel satisfied with the work done or analyze my

Describe the evening after a successful performance.

It’s bound to be a sleepless night, so there’s time to review all the performance and try to respond to all the messages.

What is your relationship with your rivals?

Off the ice – normal human relationships. We communicate with some more, with some less.

A person who you don’t hesitate to send a funny meme?

Friends who will definitely appreciate it.

What’s the most annoying thing about sports?

There is not enough time and energy for hobbies outside of sports. I want to learn new things but I barely have enough time for school and training.

Do you have classical music on your playlist?

There is a lot of classical music during training, so in my free time I prefer something modern. What exactly – I will not say, music – it is a little personal.

The most vivid image that could be realized on the ice.

I have had many interesting programs but if you choose one, then for me it is Perfume.

A dish for which it is not a pity to break the diet.

I love sweets but I can refuse them. But I can’t live without apple juice.

Advice on how not to lose motivation and keep going towards your goal.

Set yourself short-term tasks for a month, week, or day that will help you achieve your main goal. And allow the brain switch and relax emotionally.

A childhood memory that I would love to repeat.

How we used to chat and fantasize at night with our older sister Inna.

Do you plan to get a higher education? Which one?

I would like to get two higher education degrees (the first one is a coach’s diploma, the second one has not yet been finalized), so that I can have options in the future.

How not to lose concentration when millions of eyes are looking at you?

Learn to be charged with this energy and enjoy it.

The main thing that the sport has taught me.

Believe in yourself and rely only on your own strength.

The nearest goal.

World Championships.

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