Nathan Chen three-peats as World champion

Five-time U.S. national champion Nathan Chen made a surprising error on Thursday in the short program and had to fight his way from third place on Saturday; however, a near world record score due to an impeccable free skate performance won the American his third consecutive World title.

The 21-year-old began his free skate routine with a quad Lutz and later landed four more quad jumps – a quad flip in a combination with a triple toe loop, a quad Salchow, and two quad toe loops in combinations. Chen received only positive grades of execution 10s from judges for performance and skating skills. His free skate score of 222.03 points was just two points behind his own world record, and the Salt Lake City native compiled a total competition score of 320.88 points.

Second after the short program, Japan’s young star Yuma Kagiyama once again overcame the odds. The 17-year-old skater landed a quad Salchow to begin his free skate, completed a quad toe loop-triple toe loop, and later added another quad toe loop. Strong early in the routine, Kagiyama managed to completed the final triples in the last two jumping sequences for a segment score of 190.81 points and an overall total of 291.77 points. With the second largest technical score behind Chen, Kagiyama’s program component score was only the seventh highest.

Leader after the short program, two-time Olympic gold medalist Yuzuru Hanyu struggled in the free skate and dropped below the top two overall positions for the first time since he was fourth in 2013. Hanyu wobbled on his opening quad loop and even more so on his next quad Salchow attempt. The 26-year-old five-time Japanese national champion struggled with technical elements but crucially added two quad toe loops in combinations for extra points in the end of the performance. He received the second highest program component score for the fourth highest free skate total of 182.20 points and the third overall total competition result of 289.18 points.

Judges’ scores can be found here.

Final results

  1. Nathan CHEN (United States) – 320.88
  2. Yuma KAGIYAMA (Japan) – 291.77
  3. Yuzuru HANYU (Japan) – 289.18
  4. Shoma UNO (Japan) – 277.44
  5. Mikhail KOLYADA (Figure Skating Federation of Russia) – 272.04
  6. Keegan MESSING (Canada) – 270.26
  7. Jason BROWN (United States) – 262.17
  8. Evgeni SEMENENKO (Figure Skating Federation of Russia) – 258.45
  9. Kevin AYMOZ (France) – 254.52
  10. Junhwan CHA (South Korea) – 245.99
  11. Matteo RIZZO (Italy) – 245.37
  12. Daniel GRASSL (Italy) – 242.81
  13. Han YAN (China) – 235.31
  14. Morisi KVITELASHVILI (Georgia) – 231.81
  15. Lukas BRITSCHGI (Switzerland) – 225.55
  16. Aleksandr SELEVKO (Estonia) – 222.06
  17. Konstantin MILYUKOV (Belarus) – 221.33
  18. Deniss VASILJEVS (Latvia) – 213.05
  19. Michal BREZINA (Czech Republic) – 210.73
  20. Donovan CARRILLO (Mexico) – 204.78
  21. Ivan SHMURATKO (Ukraine) – 204.17
  22. Boyang JIN (China) – 199.15
  23. Nikolaj MAJOROV (Sweden) – 192.79
  24. Alexei BYCHENKO (Israel) – 190.45

Did not advance to free skate:

  1. Vincent ZHOU (United States) – 70.51
  2. Paul FENTZ (Germany) – 68.43
  3. Vladimir LITVINTSEV (Azerbaijan) – 68.43
  4. Basar OKTAR (Turkey) – 67.14
  5. Maurizio ZANDRON (Austria) – 63.88
  6. Peter James HALLAM (Great Britain) – 61.56
  7. Valtter VIRTANEN (Finland) – 60.27
  8. Mikhail SHAIDOROV (Kazakhstan) – 59.14
  9. Larry LOUPOLOVER (Bulgaria) – 58.93

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