Elizaveta Berestovskaya returns to Sergei Davydov

Sergei Davydov and Elizaveta Berestovskaya at the second stage of the 2020-2021 Cup of Russia series (Photo from Davydov’s team’s Instagram account)

13-year-old Russian figure skater Elizaveta Berestovskaya has returned to Sergei Davydov’s group, after it was reported in early March that she would be transferring to Eteri Tutberidze’s team.

Post on Instagram by Sergei Davydov’s team:

Friends, good day everyone!!!
We inform you that Liza Berestovskaya has resumed training in her native CSKA club, in her team!!!
We will continue preparing for the new season together!!!

Berestovskaya was seen at Khrustalny with Tutberidze’s team but following the return of Alena Kostornaia and Alexandra Trusova, as well as the addition of Evgenia Tarasova and Vladimir Morozov, there is now not enough room for more athletes on the team. At the beginning of May, she skated at the Angels of Plushenko rink but ultimately decided to return to CSKA.

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