Sofia Samodurova answers questions in 90 Second Challenge with Maxim Trankov

Sofia Samodurova at the 2019 European Figure Skating Championships (Photo by Joosep Martinson/International Skating Union via Getty Images)

2019 European champion Sofia Samodurova appeared on the newest episode of Channel One’s 90 Second Challenge with Olympic gold medalist Maxim Trankov.

The guests of the show simply have to answer as many questions as possible in ninety seconds.

Video and translation below:

Trankov: Which of the guys today did you meet first at the rink?

Samodurova: Nastia Guliakova.

Trankov: What was your favorite subject at school?

Samodurova: English.

Trankov: What do you usually eat for dinner?

Samodurova: Anything I want.

Trankov: What can you buy for 50 thousand rubles?

Samodurova: A bag.

Trankov: Favorite TV show?

Samodurova: The Vampire Diaries.

Trankov: What superpower would you like to have?

Samodurova: To fly.

Trankov: Your favorite super hero?

Samodurova: None.

Trankov: Favorite vacation spot in Russia?

Samodurova: Home.

Trankov: Alexei Nikolaevich Mishin’s country house or Courchevel?

Samodurova: Country house.

Trankov: Who is the best singer among figure skaters?

Samodurova: Me.

Trankov: Your favorite music group?

Samodurova: None.

Trankov: How many hours a day do you spend on video games?

Samodurova: Zero.

Trankov: What time do you go to bed?

Samodurova: At twelve.

Trankov: Two favorite dishes in Russian cuisine?

Samodurova: Borscht and… there’s no second. (Trankov: Borscht is Ukrainian.)

Trankov: Red or blue?

Samodurova: Red.

Trankov: Favorite number?

Samodurova: 1.

Trankov: The social network in which you spend the most time?

Samodurova: Instagram.

Trankov: The last thing that was written to you in the DMs?

Samodurova: That I’m beautiful.

Trankov: Your dream that has come true?

Samodurova: European champion.

Trankov: A song that you’re tired of?

Samodurova: None.

Trankov: Finish the phrase: Alexey Nikolaevich Mishin…

Samodurova: Chief.

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