Lindsay Thorngren wins opening stage of Junior Grand Prix series

Lindsay Thorngren during the junior women’s free skate at the ISU Junior Grand Prix event in Courchevel, France. (Photo by Joosep Martinson/International Skating Union via Getty Images)

On Friday, 2020 U.S. junior national champion Lindsay Thorngren won her first medal in the International Skating Union (ISU) Junior Grand Prix series as she was victorious in the 2021-2022 season opener in Courchevel, France.

The 15-year-old was second after the short program but was the best in the free skate. She began her second program with a double axel, a triple Lutz-triple toe loop combination, another double axel, and a triple flip. Skating to music from The Queen’s Gambit, Thorngren also landed a triple loop, a triple Lutz-double toe loop-double loop combination, and a triple Salchow-triple toe loop combination. She received a score of 118.82 points for the performance and earned a total competition score of 181.45 points.

Canada’s Kaiya Ruiter opened her free skate routine with a triple Lutz-triple toe loop combination. The 15-year-old didn’t fall on any of the jumping sequences but committed a couple of quarter-under-rotations that cost her some points. She did, in fact, receive a higher total program component score (56.51 points) compared to Thorngren (54.59 points). Third after the short program, Ruiter received 118.10 points for the free skate and the total score of 177.60 points moved her up to the silver medal position.

Leader after the first day of the competition, Clare Seo of the United States under-rotated multiple jumps and received the fourth best free skate score of 111.37 points. The 14-year-old earned a total competition score of 174.80 points. Her 7.28-point lead over South Korea’s Seoyeon Ji after the short program was enough to keep her on the podium and celebrate the bronze medal.

Ji received a score of 115.91 points for the free skate and her total score of 172.06 points placed her fourth overall – well ahead of fifth place, by 14.82 points.

Final results of junior women’s event and results after rhythm dance of ice dance event:

Junior Women – Final Results

  1. Lindsay THORNGREN (USA) – 181.45
  2. Kaiya RUITER (CAN) – 177.60
  3. Clare SEO (USA) – 174.80
  4. Seoyeon JI (KOR) – 172.06
  5. Ahsun YUN (KOR) – 157.24
  6. Lola GHOZALI (FRA) – 143.84
  7. Alina URUSHADZE (GEO) – 142.88
  8. Nargiz SULEYMANOVA (GER) – 138.74
  9. Janna JYRKINEN (FIN) – 133.65
  10. Noelle STREULI (POL) – 129.49
  11. Eve DUBECQ (FRA) – 120.27
  12. Bernadett SZIGETI (HUN) – 115.13
  13. Catharina Victoria PETERSEN (DEN) – 113.76
  14. Regina GARCIA de LEON SAAB (MEX) – 113.36
  15. Maria LEVUSHKINA (BUL) – 112.41
  16. Julia Ros VIDARSDOTTIR (ISL) – 111.54
  17. Anastasiia FOMCHENKOVA (UKR) – 102.70
  18. Ivetta BERKOVICH (ISR) – 102.33
  19. Sorami TANAKA (PER) – 91.84
  20. Sophia Natalie DAYAN (ARG) – 84.44
  21. Abigail LIEW (MAS) – 79.85
  22. Tsai-En CHIANG (TPE) – 76.61

Judges’ Scores

Junior Ice Dance – Rhythm Dance Results

  1. Katarina WOLFKOSTIN & Jeffrey CHEN (USA) – 64.75
  2. Miku MAKITA & Tyler GUNARA (CAN) – 57.41
  3. Katerina MRAZKOVA & Daniel MRAZEK (CZE) – 57.04
  4. Hannah LIM & Ye QUAN (KOR) – 55.22
  5. Celina FRADJI & Jean-Hans FOURNEAUX (FRA) – 54.42
  6. Darya GRIMM & Michail SAVITSKIY (GER) – 52.85
  7. Tatjana BUNINA & Ivan KUZNETSOV (EST) – 45.38
  8. Lika BONDAR & Artem KOVAL (UKR) – 45.14
  9. Hailey YU & Brendan GIANG (CAN) – 44.84
  10. Louise BORDET & Thomas GIPOULOU (FRA) – 42.72
  11. Maya BENKIEWICZ & Nicolas HENAULT (FRA) – 40.79
  12. Vasilisa AHRAMENKA /& Alessio SURENKOV-GULTCHEV (GBR) – 36.85

Judges’ Scores

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