Zagitova, Valieva, Khromykh in new Puma ad

Alina Zagitova (Photo from official website of Puma Russia)

Russian figure skaters Alina Zagitova, Kamila Valieva, and Maiia Khromykh were featured in the new Puma commercial this week for their campaign Together With Her which is dedicated to women.

Alone you can do a lot, but #TOGETHER WITH HER you can do everything 🙌🏻
Mom, sister, girlfriend or teammate – who always supports you? Tell us about her with the hashtag #TOGETHER WITH HER. Join @azagitova, @kamilavalieva26, @anna_kanyuk, @elenakorobkina.

2018 Olympic gold medalist Zagitova shared the video on Instagram and wrote, “My dearest and closest friend is my sister Sabina. We are together all our life! She supports me every day, speaks kind words of support if something doesn’t work out for me. She is happy with all my achievements and with great desire embodies different ideas with me. Sometimes she even teaches me how to be in a particular situation, and I listen to it. And how much we love to dance and fool around… mmm… you’ve probably seen.”

Kamila Valieva and Maiia Khromykh (Photo from official website of Puma)

2020 World Junior champion Valieva said, “As a figure skater who trains and communicates with girls most of the time, this topic is very close to me. We are friends and compete on the ice, and worry about each other, and argue, as well as motivate and reach for each other.”

Khromykh, who was fourth at the 2020 World Junior Championships and landed two quads to win the silver medal at the 2020-2021 Cup of Russia series Final, also shared her thoughts on Instagram, “To us, within the figure skating family Team Tutberidze, the topic of female friendship is very close and familiar. We are together in training, together on ice, together in competitions, together in life.”

In March, together with Daria Usacheva, Zagitova was in another Puma commercial for the Together With Her campaign.

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