Eteri Tutberidze’s skaters win at Moscow Youth Championships

Left to right: Daria Sarymsakova, Lyubov Rubtsova, Daria Garashchuk (Photo from official Instagram account of Team Tutberidze)

Eteri Tutberidze’s students continue dominating on all levels of women’s figure skating – this week, Lyubov Rubtsova and Daria Sarymsakova won the gold and silver medals, respectively, at the Moscow Youth Championships.

Rubtsova was first after the short program with a score of 66.87 points. She began her free skate with a double axel-triple toe loop combination, a triple Salchow, and a triple loop. In the second half of the routine, Rubtsova landed a triple Lutz-triple loop combination, a triple Lutz-Euler-triple Salchow combination, and a quarter-under-rotated triple flip. She received a score of 106.70 points and placed second for the segment but her overall score of 173.57 points kept her at the top of the standings.

Sarymsakova had the top ranked free skate performance at the competition. She began her free skate routine with a double axel, a triple flip-triple toe loop combination, and another double axel. She also successfully completed a triple Lutz-Euler-triple Salchow combination, a triple Lutz-triple loop combination, and a triple flip. Sarymsakova received a score of 111.53 points for the program and rose to second place overall with a score of 170.82 points, after having been only sixth in the short program.

Full results:

  1. Lyubov RUBTSOVA – 173.57
  2. Daria SARYMSAKOVA – 170.82
  3. Daria GARASHCHUK – 162.49
  4. Victoria BARAKHTINA – 158.52
  5. Maria GORDEEVA – 154.86
  6. Alena PRINEVA – 153.74
  7. Ulyana VASILIEVA – 153.33
  8. Eva DOROSHENKO – 139.36
  9. Arina RYABICHEVA – 138.09
  10. Lidia Pleskacheva – 137.53
  11. Olga SABADA – 135.61
  12. Ksenia MELKUMOVA – 132.88
  13. Marie BIRWERT – 131.16
  14. Anna BECKER – 130.10
  15. Valentina ANDRIANOVA – 127.94
  16. Valeria KHODYKINA – 125.35
  17. Elizaveta ILYICHEVA – 124.52
  18. Sofia ZEMTSOVA – 97.00

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