Isabeau Levito impresses in short program at second Junior Grand Prix series event

Isabeau Levito during the junior women’s short program event at the ISU Junior Grand Prix event in Courchevel, France (Photo by Joosep Martinson/International Skating Union via Getty Images)

A week after American figure skaters dominated at the 2021-2022 International Skating Union (ISU) Junior Grand Prix series opening stage in Courchevel, the United States’ Isabeau Levito picked right back up where her compatriots left and skated into the lead of the junior women’s event in the season’s second stage in the same arena in France.

The 14-year-old reigning U.S. junior national champion began her performance with a double axel and then landed a triple flip. Skating to The Swan, Levito also completed a triple Lutz-triple toe loop combination. The American achieved a new personal best short program score of 71.25 points and took first place by well over four points.

South Korea’s representative Chaeyeon Kim started her short program with the triple Lutz-triple toe loop combination and then landed the double axel and the triple flip. The 14-year-old completed a clean routine and earned a total score of 66.90 points.

Silver medalist at the opening stage of the season, last week, Kaiya Ruiter of Canada again delivered a nice performance. She opened her short program routine with a good triple flip and a good double axel but struggled on her triple Lutz-triple toe loop combination. Ruiter had to adjust her skate on the landing of the first jump and made a quarter-under-rotation on the second jump, receiving deductions to the value of the element. Skating to Opportunity by Sia, the 15-year-old received an improved score of 63.17 points, compared to last week (59.50 points), and is currently third.

In the junior men’s event, Canada’s Wesley Chiu was the top ranked performer after the short program. He completed all of his triple jumps (flip, axel, and Lutz-toe loop combination) and earned a thirteen-point lead with a score of 76.26 points.

Great Britain’s Edward Appleby landed his opening triple axel but fell on his next triple Lutz, which was supposed to be part of a combination, losing out on a significant amount of points. He completed a triple flip towards the end of the routine and that was enough to place him second with a score of 63.23 points.

Estonian figure skater Arlet Levandi opened his performance with a successful triple Lutz-triple toe loop attempt and then managed a double axel. Unfortunately he popped his flip jump, which would have risen him a position in the leaderboard, but it was enough for third place – with a score of 61.73 points.

Full results

Junior Women, After Short Program

  1. Isabeau LEVITO (USA) – 71.25
  2. Chaeyeon KIM (KOR) – 66.90
  3. Kaiya RUITER (CAN) – 63.17
  4. Niina PETROKINA (EST) – 59.26
  5. Nina PINZARRONE (BEL) – 58.40
  6. Ahsun YUN (KOR) – 57.73
  7. Josephine LEE (USA) – 51.30
  8. Seoyeon JI (KOR) – 50.88
  9. Ginevra Lavinia NEGRELLO (ITA) – 47.09
  10. Nikola FOMCHENKOVA (LAT) – 45.57
  11. Michaela VRASTAKOVA (CZE) – 41.82
  12. Mikai Maria van OMMEREN (NED) – 41.26
  13. Lili KRIZSANOVSZKI (HUN) – 40.34
  14. Anna Deniz OZDEMIR (TUR) – 40.12
  15. Julia BROVALL (SWE) – 38.33
  16. Julia Ros VIDARSDOTTIR (ISL) – 37.04
  17. Chiara HRISTOVA (BUL) – 34.35
  18. Marija BREJEVA (LTU) – 33.90
  19. Andrea ASTRAIN MAYNEZ (MEX) – 33.08
  20. Vanesa SELMEKOVA (SVK) – 32.51
  21. Tara Maria IENCIU (ROU) – 28.10
  22. Nevia Ana MEDIC (CRO) – 27.26
  23. Alexandra MINTSIDOU (GRE) – 24.03

Judges’ Scores

Junior Men, After Short Program

  1. Wesley CHIU (CAN) – 76.26
  2. Edward APPLEBY (GBR) – 63.23
  3. Arlet LEVANDI (EST) – 61.73
  4. Maxim ZHARKOV (USA) – 60.45
  5. Jakub LOFEK (POL) – 58.58
  6. Kai KOVAR (USA) – 57.24
  7. Casper JOHANSSON (SWE) – 56.83
  8. Axel AHMED (FRA) – 49.85
  9. Daniels KOCKERS (LAT) – 47.18
  10. Marko PILIAR (SVK) – 47.17
  11. Iakov POGREBINSKII (ISR) – 47.06
  12. Corentin SPINAR (FRA) – 46.76
  13. Vadym NOVIKOV (UKR) – 46.34
  14. Ali Efe GUNES (TUR) – 44.88

Judges’ Scores

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