Italy replaces Cup of China in ISU Grand Prix series

The International Skating Union (ISU) announced that Turin will host the third stage of the 2021-2022 ISU Grand Prix series, following the cancellation of the Cup of China two weeks ago.

The Italian Ice Sports Federation will hold the event from November 5 to 7 at the Torino Palavela. According to the ISU, the location was selected over Debrecen in Hungary and Norwood, Massachusetts in the United States.

As a reminder, the decision to cancel the event in Chongqing was cited as there being a limited number of international flights to China and strict restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The ISU is yet to announce whether all of the announced entries will be automatically transferred from the Cup of China but the entries for the event are currently:


Loena Hendrickx (Belgium)
Hongyi Chen (China)
Shan Lin (China)
Yi Zhu (China)
Mai Mihara (Japan)
Satoko Miyahara (Japan)
Yelim Kim (South Korea)
Eunsoo Lim (South Korea)
Maiia Khromykh (Russia)
Sofia Samodurova (Russia)
Anna Shcherbakova (Russia)
Bradie Tennell (United States)


Yudong Chen (China)
Boyang Jin (China)
Han Yan (China)
Paul Fentz (Germany)
Daniel Grassl (Italy)
Yuma Kagiyama (Japan)
Kazuki Tomono (Japan)
Deniss Vasiljevs (Latvia)
Junhwan Cha (South Korea)
Dmitri Aliev (Russia)
Petr Gumennik (Russia)
Mikhail Kolyada (Russia)


Cheng Peng/Yang Jin (China)
Wenjing Sui/Cong Han (China)
TBA (China)
Annika Hocke/Robert Kunkel (Germany)
Nicole Della Monica/Matteo Guarise (Italy)
Rebecca Ghilardi/Filippo Ambrosini (Italy)
Iuliia Artemeva/Mikhail Nazarychev (Russia)
Alina Pepeleva/Roman Pleshkov (Russia)

Ice Dance

Carolane Soucisse/Shane Firus (Canada)
Hong Chen/Zhuoming Sun (China)
Shiyue Wang/Xinyu Liu (China)
TBA (China)
Evgeniia Lopareva/Geoffrey Brissaud (France)
Gabriella Papadakis/Guillaume Cizerone (France)
Katharina Mueller/Tim Dieck (Germany)
Alexandra Stepanova/Ivan Bukin (Russia)
Caroline Green/Michael Parsons (United States)
Madison Hubbell/Zachary Donohue (United States)

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