Wesley Chiu wins at ISU Junior Grand Prix event in France

Wesley Chiu during the junior men’s free skate at the ISU Junior Grand Prix in Courchevel, France. (Photo by Joosep Martinson/International Skating Union via Getty Images)

North Americans have been dominant at the first two staged of the 2021-2022 International Skating Union (ISU) Junior Grand Prix stages, both of which have been held in Courchevel, France without any Russian representatives due to the ongoing COVID-19 issues.

Canadian figure skater Wesley Chiu entered the free skate of the junior men’s discipline with the lead and managed to end up with the gold medal after a difficult outing. Chiu landed his opening triple flip but the value diminished due to it being to the landing being on the wrong edge, then he fell on a quad toe loop attempt and a downgraded triple axel. He managed to stay upright on a triple loop but under-rotated the Salchow on the triple axel-Euler-triple Salchow combination. After all, Chiu received the second highest free skate score of 123.63 points but also maintained the overall lead with a score of 199.89 points.

Estonian Arlet Levandi, who is coached by his mother – 1984 World silver medalist Anna Levandi, was third after the short program. He began his free skate performance with a triple Lutz-triple toe loop combination and then a triple axel. Levandi did not attempt a quad but also did not fall during the presentation of the program. He landed also completed a triple flip, a double axel, a triple Lutz-Euler-triple Salchow combination, a triple loop, and a triple flip-double toe loop combination. Levandi became the first junior men’s competitor from Estonia to medal at the ISU Junior Grand Prix with the best free skate score of 135.20 points and an overall score of 196.93 points.

Great Britain’s Edward Appleby was second after the short program and maintained a podium position after the free skate to become the first British junior men’s representative to medal at the Junior Grand Prix since 1999 when Alan Street won in the Netherlands. Appleby completed two triple axels and did well until falls on the final triple Lutz and triple loop attempts. He received a score of 119.18 points for the performance and his overall score totaled 182.41 points.

Full results

  1. Wesley CHIU (CAN) – 199.89
  2. Arlet LEVANDI (EST) – 196.93
  3. Edward APPLEBY (GBR) – 182.41
  4. Maxim ZHARKOV (USA) – 178.05
  5. Kai KOVAR (USA) – 175.87
  6. Casper JOHANSSON (SWE) – 169.43
  7. Jakub LOFEK (POL) – 156.92
  8. Corentin SPINAR (FRA) – 147.16
  9. Daniels KOCKERS (LAT) – 144.92
  10. Vadym NOVIKOV (UKR) – 141.26
  11. Ali Efe GUNES (TUR) – 138.53
  12. Iakov POGREBINSKII (ISR) – 133.45
  13. Marko PILIAR (SVK) – 133.04
  14. Axel AHMED (FRA) – 125.55

Judges’ Scores

Ice Dance – Final Results

  1. Oona BROWN / Gage BROWN (USA) – 154.25
  2. Isabella FLORES / Dimitry TSAREVSKI (USA) – 153.07
  3. Solene MAZINGUE / Marko Jevgeni GAIDAJENKO (EST) – 138.23
  4. Eva BERNARD / Tom JOCHUM (FRA) – 137.06
  5. Ekaterina ANDREEVA / Ivan DESYATOV (BLR) – 133.45
  6. Noemi Maria TALI / Stefano FRASCA (ITA) – 129.54
  7. Olivia OLIVER / Joshua ANDARI (POL) – 124.71
  8. Chaima BEN KHELIFA / Everest ZHU (CAN) – 121.14
  9. Kayleigh MAKSYMEC / Maximilien RAHIER (SUI) – 116.53
  10. Lou KOCH / Ivan MELNYK (FRA) – 113.21
  11. Lika BONDAR / Artem KOVAL (UKR) – 108.17
  12. Lucie LAURIA / Antonin EMO (FRA) – 99.45
  13. Natalia PALLU-NEVES / Jayin PANESAR (GBR) – 99.18
  14. Barbora ZELENA / Jachym NOVAK (CZE) – 98.33
  15. Reka LEVELES / Balazs LEVELES (HUN) – 87.90

Judges’ Scores

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