Gleb Lutfullin wins ISU Junior Grand Prix event in Russia

Gleb Lutfullin during the short program the ISU Junior Grand Prix event in Krasnoyarsk, Russia. (Photo by Oleg Nikishin/International Skating Union via Getty Images)

In the second International Skating Union (ISU) Junior Grand Prix event where Russians participated – it’s a second gold-and-silver medals for Russian figure skaters.

17-year-old Gleb Lutfullin began his free skate program with three quads – a toe loop, a Salchow in a combination with a double toe loop, and then another Salchow. He also completed a triple loop in the first half of the performance. Alexei Mishin’s student landed a triple axel-Euler-triple Salchow combination, a triple flip, and a triple loop-double loop combination in the second part of the routine. Lutfullin received a score of 150.29 points for the performance and earned a total competition score of 230.42 points.

Third after the short program, Egor Rukhin began his free skate routine with a successful quad toe loop attempt and then two triple axels, the first one of which was in a combination with a double toe loop. Rukhin completed all triple jumps in the next three jumping sequences but then double his final loop. Nevertheless, the 17-year-old Russian received a score of 144.86 points and moved up to second place with an overall competition result of 223.29 points.

Fourth, behind three Russians, after the short program, Canadian Wesley Chiu rose up onto the third podium position after his free skate presentation. Chiu began his performance with a triple flip and then a quad toe loop. His next triple axel received a negative grade of execution and a later triple axel-Euler-double Salchow combination was downgraded. He received a score of 140.96 points for the free skate and earned a total competition score of 217.59 points. The 16-year-old had been victorious in the second stage of this season’s Junior Grand Prix series.

Final results

  1. Gleb LUTFULLIN (RUS) – 230.42
  2. Egor RUKHIN (RUS) – 223.29
  3. Wesley CHIU (CAN) – 217.59
  4. Artem KOVALEV (RUS) – 212.32
  5. Fedor ZONOV (RUS) – 201.28
  6. Mihhail SELEVKO (EST) – 199.83
  7. Andrei ANISIMOV (RUS) – 199.21
  8. Lucas BROUSSARD (USA) – 198.77
  9. Andreas NORDEBACK (SWE) – 180.94
  10. Alexander LEBEDEV (BLR) – 177.53
  11. Lev VINOKUR (ISR) – 165.62
  12. Ali Efe GUNES (TUR) – 150.27
  13. Oleg MELNIKOV (KAZ) – 136.15
  14. Azizmurod SHABAZOV (UZB) – 106.92
  15. Alexander CHARNAGALOV (AUT) – 93.72

Judges’ Scores

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