Marilena Kitromilis wins Autumn Classic International

Marilena Kitromilis of Cyprus skates her short program in the women’s competition at the Autumn Classic International in Pierrefonds, Quebec on September 16, 2021. (Photo by Geoff Robins/AFP via Getty Images)

After an eighth place finish at the Cranberry Cup International last month, Marilena Kitromilis of Cyprus made improvements and won the Autumn Classic International today in Pierrefonds, Quebec, Canada.

The 17-year-old figure skater landed a double axel, a triple Lutz-triple toe loop combination, and a triple flip-double toe loop combination in the first half of the routine. Her only harsher mistake was on the landing of a triple loop – a jump she completed but received a negative grade of execution. Kitromilis finished her performance with a triple Lutz, a double axel-Euler-triple Salchow combination, and a triple toe loop. She received the second-best free skate score of 119.39 points but kept her lead from the short program with an overall competition result of 180.72 points.

17-year-old South Korean figure skater Young You was third after the short program but the top result in the free skate event rose her to the silver medal position. However, her performance did not go as she would have liked – her opening triple axel was deemed to be under-rotated and her second triple axel, in a combination with a double toe loop, was downgraded. You received a score of 119.59 points for the presentation and earned a total competition score of 180.25 points.

Another South Korean representative, 15-year-old Seoyeon Ji, was second after the short program and managed to maintain a place on the podium. She did not attempt any Ultra-C elements and received negative grades of execution on three of her jumps and earned the fourth-highest free skate score of 113.02 points. Ji’s overall competition score of 173.69 points was enough for bronze.

Final results

  1. Marilena KITROMILIS (CYP) – 180.72
  2. Young YOU (KOR) – 180.25
  3. Seoyeon JI (KOR) – 173.69
  4. Karen CHEN (USA) – 173.00
  5. Starr ANDREWS (USA) – 155.25
  6. Siwon LEE (KOR) – 153.70
  7. Emily BAUSBACK (CAN) – 149.32
  8. Gabrielle DALEMAN (CAN) – 146.51
  9. Eliska BREZINOVA (CZE) – 141.37
  10. Alison SCHUMACHER (CAN) – 127.06
  11. Jenny SHYU (TPE) – 113.04

Judges’ Scores

Pairs, final results

  1. Riku MIURA / Ryuichi KIHARA (JPN) – 204.06
  2. Vanessa JAMES / Eric RADFORD (CAN) – 184.01
  3. Ashley CAIN-GRIBBLE / Timothy LEDUC (USA) – 170.64
  4. Deanna STELLATO-DUDEK / Maxime DESCHAMPS (CAN) – 169.91
  5. Katie MCBEATH / Nathan BARTHOLOMAY (USA) – 168.61
  6. Jessica PFUND / Joshua SANTILLAN (SUI) – 146.83
  7. Lori-Ann MATTE / Thierry FERLAND (CAN) – 140.44

Judges’ Scores

Ice dance, after rhythm dance

  1. Piper GILLES / Paul POIRIER (CAN) – 83.35
  2. Olivia SMART / Adrian DIAZ (ESP) – 75.20
  3. Caroline GREEN / Michael PARSONS (USA) – 73.93
  4. Marjorie LAJOIE / Zachary LAGHA (CAN) – 71.27
  5. Carolane SOUCISSE / Shane FIRUS (CAN) – 65.11
  6. Haley SALES / Nikolas WAMSTEEKER (CAN) – 59.91
  7. Charlotte LAFOND-FOURNIER / Richard Kang In KAM (NZL) – 58.88

Judges’ Scores

Men, after short program

  1. Conrad ORZEL (CAN) – 80.82
  2. Bennet TOMAN (CAN) – 63.30
  3. Beres CLEMENTS (CAN) – 55.48

Judges’ Scores

2 thoughts on “Marilena Kitromilis wins Autumn Classic International

  1. My granddaughter won the women’s autumn international competition in Canada. So proud she has worked very hard her grandfather from Cyprus would be so proud also.


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