Alexandra Trusova wins at U.S. International Classic

Alexandra Trusova at the test skates of the Figure Skating Federation of Russian. (Photo by Sergei Bobylev/TASS via Getty Images)

Two-time World Junior champion Alexandra Trusova attempted four quads at the U.S. International Figure Skating Classic in Norwood, Massachusetts and ended up as the winner of the competition.

The 17-year-old Russian figure skater fell on her opening quad Salchow but landed her following quad Salchow. After a double axel-triple toe loop combination, Trusova doubled a toe loop and then under-rotated two quads – a quad Lutz attempt and a another quad Lutz in a combination with a Euler and a triple Salchow. The 2021 World bronze medalist culminated her free skate performance with a triple Lutz-triple toe loop combination. She received a score of 142.05 points for the performance and earned a total competition result of 216.80 points.

Final Results

  1. Alexandra TRUSOVA (RUS) – 216.80
  2. Yeonjeong PARK (KOR) – 212.40
  3. Gabriella IZZO (USA) – 182.76
  4. Sierra VENETTA (USA) – 177.40
  5. Paige RYDBERG (USA) – 154.03
  6. Taylor MORRIS (ISR) – 142.16
  7. Maxine BAUTISTA (USA) – 138.08
  8. Tara PRASAD (IND) – 129.19
  9. Katherine ONA (ECU) – 64.05

Judges’ Scores

Ice dance, final results

  1. Madison HUBBELL & Zachary DONOHUE (USA) – 207.30
  2. Diana DAVIS & Gleb SMOLKIN (RUS) – 190.63
  3. Eva PATE & Logan BYE (USA) – 171.70
  4. Yura MIN & Daniel EATON (KOR) – 168.28
  5. Lorraine MCNAMARA & Anton SPIRIDONOV (USA) – 161.82
  6. Chantelle KERRY & Andrew DODDS (AUS) – 152.96
  7. Shira ICHILOV & Laurent ABECASSIS (ISR) – 152.53
  8. Mariia NOSOVITSKAYA & Mikhail NOSOVITSKIY (ISR) – 139.26
  9. Jenna HERTENSTEIN & Damian BINKOWSKI (POL) – 115.04

Judges’ Scores

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