Sofya Akatyeva lands triple axel and three quads to win ISU Junior Grand Prix event in Russia

Sofya Akatyeva at the ISU Junior Grand Prix event in Krasnoyarsk, Russia. (Photo by Oleg Nikishin/International Skating Union via Getty Images)

At the fourth stage of this season’s International Skating Union (ISU) Junior Grand Prix series, Russian figure skaters were able to compete for the second time – due to travel restrictions entering France for the first two stages because of COVID-19 – and swept all of the top positions in the junior women’s discipline again.

Reigning Russian junior national champion Sofya Akatyeva began her free skate performance with a triple axel, and then completed a quad toe loop-triple toe loop combination and a quad Salchow. The 14-year-old continued her incredible debut on the Junior Grand Prix circuit with a triple loop, after which she landed another quad in a quad toe loop-Euler-triple Salchow combination. She culminated her program with a triple flip-triple toe loop combination and a triple Lutz.

Another talented competitor out of Eteri Tutberidze’s team, Akatyeva celebrated the victory by a large margin – she received a score of 157.19 points for the free skate and earned a total competition score of 233.08 points. The score for the free skate and the total score are new junior records.

Recent winner of the Moscow Junior Championships, Anastasia Zinina was third after the short program but two quads in the first two element sequences rose her to second place after the free skate. The representative of Angels of Plushenko landed a quad toe loop-double toe loop combination to start her program and then landed another quad toe loop. Zinina received the third-best free skate score of 139.18 points and earned a total competition result of 206.20 points.

Sixth after the short program, Sofia Samodelkina delivered the second highest scored free skate routine today. The 14-year-old landed three quads in her first three jumping sequences – a quad Lutz, a quad Salchow, and another quad Salchow in a combination with a double toe loop. Samodelkina received a score of 141.63 points for the performance and earned a total competition score of 202.03 points – which moved her onto the podium for third place.

Final results

  1. Sofya AKATYEVA (RUS) – 233.08
  2. Anastasia ZININA (RUS) – 206.20
  3. Sofia SAMODELKINA (RUS) – 202.39
  4. Elizaveta KULIKOVA (RUS) – 196.83
  5. Elizaveta BERESTOVSKAIA (RUS) – 196.07
  6. Kate WANG (USA) – 170.93
  7. Varvara KISEL (BLR) – 164.47
  8. Maryn PIERCE (USA) – 150.67
  9. Anna la PORTA (SUI) – 150.25
  10. Lia PEREIRA (CAN) – 142.43
  11. Nikola FOMCHENKOVA (LAT) – 140.97
  12. Dani LOONSTRA (NED) – 125.76
  13. Elena KOMOVA (GBR) – 121.02
  14. Viktoriia IUSHCHENKOVA (ISR) – 117.31
  15. Niginabonu JAMOLIDDINOVA (UZB) – 110.81
  16. Alejandra OSUNA TIRADO (MEX) – 109.46
  17. Dorotea LEITGEB (AUT) – 108.77
  18. Amaliya SULAYMONOVA (UZB) – 98.20
  19. Apiksana TANGSATAPORNPHAN (THA) – 92.97
  20. Charmaine Skye CHUA (PHI) – 79.70
  21. Michelle DICICCO (ARG) – 78.60
  22. Aibike ESENTAEVA (KGZ) – 77.55
  23. Misheel OTGONBAATAR (MGL) – 44.89
  24. Parrii SROHI (IND) – 27.56

Judges’ Scores

Ice dance, final results

  1. Irina KHAVRONINA / Dario CIRISANO (RUS) – 167.31
  2. Sofia LEONTEVA / Daniil GORELKIN (RUS) – 165.14
  3. Angela LING / Caleb WEIN (USA) – 160.23
  4. Nadiia BASHYNSKA / Peter BEAUMONT (CAN) – 157.39
  5. Olga MAMCHENKOVA / Mark VOLKOV (RUS) – 156.35
  6. Hannah LIM / Ye QUAN (KOR) – 153.01
  7. Celina FRADJI / Jean-Hans FOURNEAUX (FRA) – 146.27
  8. Leah NESET / Artem MARKELOV (USA) – 140.54
  9. Elizaveta SHICHINA / Gordey KHUBULOV (RUS) – 139.81
  10. Giorgia GALIMBERTI / Matteo Libasse MANDELLI (ITA) – 135.48
  11. Emma GOODSTADT / Michael BARSOUM (CAN) – 129.77
  12. Alisa OVSIANKINA / Matvei SAMOKHIN (RUS) – 126.72
  13. Dea KUPARADZE / Danila SAVELIEV (GEO) – 124.26
  14. Gina ZEHNDER / Beda Leon SIEBER (SUI) – 113.78
  15. Katica KEDVES / Fedor SHARONOV (HUN) – 110.94

Judges’ Scores

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