Gleb Lutfullin leads Junior Grand Prix event in Poland after short program

Gleb Lutfullin at the ISU Junior Grand Prix event in Gdansk, Poland. (Photo by Jurij Kodrun/International Skating Union via Getty Images)

At the sixth stage of the International Skating Union (ISU) Junior Grand Prix series, Russian figure skater Gleb Lutfullin posted the top short program score and leads the junior men’s event in Gdansk, Poland.

The 17-year-old, who is trained by Alexei Mishin, began his performance with a triple axel and a triple Lutz-triple toe loop combination. His final triple flip was landed on two feet but Lutfullin kept upright and avoided falling. Winner of the fourth stage of the series, Lutfullin received a score of 76.06 points in the short program event.

Silver medalist at the fourth stage of the series, Egor Rukhin began his short program routine with a triple axel. The Russian’s following triple flip was fully rotated but received a negative grade of execution; his triple Lutz-triple toe loop combination was saved on the landing. The 17-year-old received a score of 71.43 points.

Jacob Sanchez of the United States completed a double axel and landed all of his jumping sequences successfully but received a slightly lesser program component score than the competitors ahead of him. The 2021 United States junior pewter medalist earned a score of 70.92 points for his short program presentation.

Results after short program

  1. Gleb LUTFULLIN (RUS) – 76.06
  2. Egor RUKHIN (RUS) – 71.43
  3. Jacob SANCHEZ (USA) – 70.92
  4. Naoki ROSSI (SUI) – 70.70
  5. William ANNIS (USA) – 66.14
  6. Mikhail SHAIDOROV (KAZ) – 64.51
  7. Hyungyeom KIM (KOR) – 62.30
  8. Yauhenii PUZANAU (BLR) – 61.94
  9. Andrey KOKURA (UKR) – 61.32
  10. Matteo NALBONE (ITA) – 61.18
  11. Yu-Hsiang LI (TPE) – 60.90
  12. Edward APPLEBY (GBR) – 60.30
  13. Hangil KIM (KOR) – 55.75
  14. Semen DANILIANTS (ARM) – 55.00
  15. Casper JOHANSSON (SWE) – 54.33
  16. Jakub LOFEK (POL) – 54.15
  17. Vasil BARAKHOUSKI (BLR) – 53.09
  18. Alp Tore OVALIOGLU (TUR) – 46.87
  19. Jegor MARTSENKO (EST) – 46.13
  20. Gabriel RENOLDI (ITA) – 44.96
  21. Filip KAYMAKCHIEV (BUL) – 37.51
  22. Chindanai PONSING (THA) – 27.49

Judges’ Scores

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