Gleb Lutfullin wins ISU Junior Grand Prix event in Poland

Gleb Lutfullin at the ISU Junior Grand Prix event in Gdansk, Poland. (Photo by Jurij Kodrun/International Skating Union via Getty Images)

At the sixth stage of this season’s International Skating Union (ISU) Junior Grand Prix series, Russian figure skaters walked away with another gold medal sweep. After Sofya Akatyeva’s victory in the junior women’s event and Ekaterina Chikmareva’s and Matvei Ianchenkov’s win in the junior pairs discipline on Friday, Gleb Lutfullin won his second stage and Russia’s fourth consecutive in the junior men’s discipline and Irina Khavronina and Dario Cirisano won their second and Russia’s third consecutive in the junior ice dance event today.

Lutfullin began his free skate performance with three quads in his first three jumping sequences – a quad toe loop, a quad Salchow in a combination with a double toe loop, and then another quad Salchow. Winner of the fourth stage, in Russia, the 17-year-old later completed a triple loop, a triple axel-Euler-triple Salchow combination, a triple flip, and a triple loop-double toe loop combination. Lutfullin earned a new personal best score of 155.20 points for the free skate and, also a personal best, total competition score of 231.26 points.

Sixth after the short program, two-time Kazakhstani national champion Mikhail Shaidorov delivered the second best free skate performance and rose to to second place overall. The 17-year-old opened his routine with a quad toe loop-triple toe loop combination and then landed another quad toe loop. Coached by 1994 Olympic gold medalist Alexei Urmanov in Sochi, the Kazakhstani figure skater then landed a triple Lutz and a triple loop, and later a triple axel-Euler-triple Salchow combination, a triple Lutz-double axel combination, and a triple flip. Shaidorov received a score of 142.52 points for the presentation and earned a total combination score of 207.03 points.

Egor Rukhin was second after the short program but had a tough outing on Saturday. The Russian fell on his opening quad Salchow and quad toe loop attempts. After completing a triple axel-double toe loop combination, a triple Lutz, a triple axel, a triple Lutz-triple toe loop combination, and, lastly, a triple loop-Euler-triple Salchow combination – the last jump was deemed under-rotated – Rukhin also received a deduction for time violation. He received a score of 130.85 points for the free skate, which was the fourth best score of the day, and earned a total competition score of 202.28 points, which left him on the podium.

Final results

  1. Gleb LUTFULLIN (RUS) – 231.26
  2. Mikhail SHAIDOROV (KAZ) – 207.03
  3. Egor RUKHIN (RUS) – 202.28
  4. Naoki ROSSI (SUI) – 197.27
  5. William ANNIS (USA) – 197.13
  6. Jacob SANCHEZ (USA) – 194.03
  7. Yu-Hsiang LI (TPE) – 186.20
  8. Hyungyeom KIM (KOR) – 181.70
  9. Matteo NALBONE (ITA) – 176.40
  10. Edward APPLEBY (GBR) – 175.86
  11. Semen DANILIANTS (ARM) – 163.77
  12. Andrey KOKURA (UKR) – 161.42
  13. Hangil KIM (KOR) – 159.85
  14. Jakub LOFEK (POL) – 159.32
  15. Yauhenii PUZANAU (BLR) – 155.37
  16. Vasil BARAKHOUSKI (BLR) – 152.63
  17. Casper JOHANSSON (SWE) – 143.86
  18. Alp Tore OVALIOGLU (TUR) – 141.70
  19. Jegor MARTSENKO (EST) – 140.22
  20. Gabriel RENOLDI (ITA) – 121.23
  21. Filip KAYMAKCHIEV (BUL) – 95.04
  22. Chindanai PONSING (THA) – 67.67

Judges’ Scores

Ice dance, final results

  1. Irina KHAVRONINA / Dario CIRISANO (RUS) – 168.96
  2. Isabella FLORES / Dimitry TSAREVSKI (USA) – 154.34
  3. Angelina KUDRYAVTSEVA / Ilia KARANKEVICH (CYP) – 148.95
  4. Olga MAMCHENKOVA / Mark VOLKOV (RUS) – 147.61
  5. Leah NESET / Artem MARKELOV (USA) – 135.34
  6. Mariia PINCHUK / Mykyta POGORIELOV (UKR) – 133.14
  7. Ekaterina ANDREEVA / Ivan DESYATOV (BLR) – 132.98
  8. Phebe BEKKER / James HERNANDEZ (GBR) – 131.41
  9. Olivia OLIVER / Joshua ANDARI (POL) – 129.60
  10. Hailey YU / Brendan GIANG (CAN) – 129.55
  11. Chaima BEN KHELIFA / Everest ZHU (CAN) – 127.54
  12. Arina KLIMOVA / Filip BOJANOWSKI (POL) – 121.14
  13. Dea KUPARADZE / Danila SAVELIEV (GEO) – 120.53
  14. Giorgia GALIMBERTI / Matteo Libasse MANDELLI (ITA) – 115.01
  15. Sofiia DOVHAL / Wiktor KULESZA (POL) – 113.24

Judges’ Scores

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