Keegan Messing leads at Finlandia Trophy after short program

Keegan Messing at the 2021 World Figure Skating Championships. (Photo by Natalia Fedosenko/TASS via Getty Images)

Canadian Keegan Messing was the third performer of the short program at the International Skating Union (ISU) Challenger Series competition in Finland, the 2021 Finlandia Trophy, and maintained the lead throughout the evening.

The 29-year-old Messing began his routine with a quad toe loop-double toe loop, and later landed a triple axel and a triple Lutz. Sixth at last season’s World Championships, he is in first place heading into the free skate with a score of 92.39 points.

With exactly the same score of 92.39 points, 2014 Olympic bronze medalist in the team event and 2015 United States national champion Jason Brown did not attempt a quad but received the highest program component score in the competition (45.46 points, compared to Messing’s 43.66 points). The 26-year-old American landed a triple flip, a triple axel, and a triple Lutz-triple toe loop combination.

2018 World bronze medalist and three-time Russian national champion Mikhail Kolyada remains in contention for any of the top positions even though his short program was not clean – keeping him almost ten points behind Messing and Brown. The 26-year-old from St. Petersburg landed his opening triple Salchow but then fell on a quad toe loop, which had to be part of a combination. Kolyada completed his final triple axel, and with the help of the second best program component score of 43.71 points, received a total short program result of 82.75 points.

Results after short program

  1. Keegan MESSING (CAN) – 92.39
  2. Jason BROWN (USA) – 92.39
  3. Mikhail KOLYADA (RUS) – 82.75
  4. Nikolaj MAJOROV (SWE) – 81.48
  5. Dmitri ALIEV (RUS) – 78.28
  6. Camden PULKINEN (USA) – 75.51
  7. Gabriele FRANGIPANI (ITA) – 73.37
  8. Nikita STAROSTIN (GER) – 70.20
  9. Arlet LEVANDI (EST) – 70.14
  10. Tomas-Llorenc GUARINO SABATE (ESP) – 70.13
  11. Evgeni SEMENENKO (RUS) – 69.63
  12. Luc ECONOMIDES (FRA) – 68.99
  13. Brendan KERRY (AUS) – 66.13
  14. Valtter VIRTANEN (FIN) – 65.74
  15. Lukas BRITSCHGI (SUI) – 65.28
  16. Matyas BELOHRADSKY (CZE) – 64.83
  17. Nurullah SAHAKA (SUI) – 64.28
  18. Luc MAIERHOFER (AUT) – 63.99
  19. Matteo RIZZO (ITA) – 62.57
  20. Konstantin MILYUKOV (BLR) – 62.43
  21. Donovan CARRILLO (MEX) – 61.06
  22. Christopher CALUZA (PHI) – 59.74
  23. Michael Christian MARTINEZ (PHI) – 55.62
  24. James MIN (AUS) – 55.39
  25. Micha STEFFEN (SUI) – 54.88
  26. Makar SUNTSEV (FIN) – 50.73

Judges’ Scores

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